The word pancake is sure to make a child smile. It conjures images of Sunday morning breakfast with maple syrup.

We have put a healthy twist to the modern day pancake by using almond “flour” (simply ground almonds) as an alternative to the highly processed white flour used in most households.

This is a delicious dish for breakfast or a snack. Maple syrup is not even necessary as there is an element of sweetness from the bananas as well as a crunchy texture from the almond flour.

Banana pancakes1


(1)   3 bananas
(2)   3 eggs
(3) 1 cup of almond flour (simply ground almonds)
(4) Butter for fry pan or virgin coconut oil
(5) Dash of coconut or almond milk (optional)


(1)   Mash up bananas in a bowl
(2)   Whisk eggs in a separate bowl
(3) Combine eggs with mashed bananas
(4) Add in almond flour and stir so the mixture is runny but not too much so. Consistency to be suitable to pour into non-stick pan
(5) Turn on stove top element to number 8. Add good quality butter or coconut oil so as to coat the pan slightly once melted
(6) Use plastic kitchen spoon to pour a handful of mixture onto heated pan
(7) Allow to cook until pancake starts to bubble slightly
(8) Flip the pancake and allow other side to cook


(1) A good quality maple syrup is recommended to use if you wish but not really necessary.
(2) Banana pancakes are also a perfect mid-morning or afternoon snack that can be eaten warm or cold
(3) With the eggs, nuts and bananas in this dish, these pancakes are guilt free, nutritious, filling and healthy. Bon appetite!!

Banana Pancakes3

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