Power Breakfast for a Great Day

Breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day but is also good to have at lunchtime! If I am exercising in the morning I tend to do so in a fasted state and eat my breakfast somewhere between 9 and 11 am depending on when I finish training. So, I recommend to eat any of the items below at any time of the day, not just in the morning.

A good breakfast sets you up for a successful day so your body and brain get optimal nutrients.

For those people who say they don’t have time for breakfast we have some great recipes that take between 5 and 10 minutes to prepare.

Travelling Primed breakfast

Our Primed philosophy is to ensure every meal is nutrient dense with great vitamins and minerals, causes minimal inflammation, has a minimal effect on spiking your blood sugar levels, is filling, satisfying and tastes great.

Primed meals are made with real food with minimal processing and definitely no vegetable oil but great olive or coconut oil. Eat these great breakfasts and you will be happy and satisfied till lunch without climbing the walls seeking a mid-morning sugar fix if you had consumed boxed cereal, low-fat processed “food” or spam (yikes)!

Healthy eating

Try these 5 breakfast ideas as a great way to start your day.

1. Kimbap Seaweed Wrap – Kimchi is a great probiotic for gut health and should be incorporated into a healthy eating week.  You can add fried eggs, boiled eggs, cucumber, carrots, spinach, tuna, sardines and many other healthy and delicious ingredients.  This dish can be prepared in 5 minutes.  Especially if you have some items prepared the night before.

2. Omelette with Malunggay, Cheese and Tomato

You can use other great ingredients like Spinach, Onions, Garlic, Seaweed, Berries, Sardines and even Tuna in Water as great ingredients.  Preparation time is less than 10 minutes for a 4 egg omelette with added goodies.

Malunggay and tomato omelette

3. Bacon with a side of Bacon.  Or Bacon inside your Filipino Fried “Rice”.  Or with a delicious boiled egg.


4. Banana Pancakes with Coconut Flour

You can also use Almond Meal/Flour which is just ground down almonds.  We often use both coconut and almond flour.  My daughter loves her Banana Pancakes with a serving of Frozen Berries.  If your bananas are nice and ripe the pancakes are very sweet already and no maple syrup is required.

Banana pancakes w coconut flour

5. Green smoothie of Malunggay, Pineapple, Cinnamon, Banana, Kangkong and Berries.  You can even add cabbage, Spinach and Cucumber.  My friend Al blends a huge batch of Green Smoothies, freezes a few in water bottles and he then has breakfast on the go when he is running short of time some mornings.

Smoothie of Malunggay and Strawberries1

Find out the huge number of health benefits you get by incorporating Malunggay into your Primed eating habits here. It really is the Miracle Tree.

Fasted Exercise so no breakfast till 10am brunch.

I practice intermittent fasting once a week where I have a fasting window from around 3pm one day and then do not eat again until the following day at around 9 or 10am. I will still exercise in the morning for up to 2 hours (not too strenuously) with minimal water intake. Here I am trying to get the benefits listed below and become a more efficient and effective fat burner (as opposed to sugar/glucose burner).


When I am doing my fasted bike exercise I make sure to carry some Primed Home-Made Gel just in case I need some fuel before my 2 to 3 hour goal.  The main thing here is to listen to your body.

Primed Home-made Energy Gel2

The Final Word

Your mind and body will be better off if you exercise a little less but spend the extra time preparing yourself a proper, nutrient dense breakfast.  To skip breakfast (unless part of a planned intermittent fast) or get a cheap fast food option will definitely have negative health consequences in the long run.  These cheap blood sugar spiking options do not satisfy you properly, have addictive qualities and actually stimulate your appetite so you then eat more than you should.

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