The Secret to Making a Great Omelette by Chef CiÇou

So many people ask me how to do an omelette, “the rolled one“. That’s not an easy one, and you need a lot of practice. The good thing is that eggs are not so expensive so you can practice if you really want to learn.  I remember where I learned how to do this omelette, this was 29 years ago when I was just a simple apprentice, just a baby in the culinary world. But I was so lucky that I started at the best at that time, the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

I learned when I was at the “Entremetier” (this is a section in the kitchen which takes care of all the hotel’s breakfast, especialy all egg cooking, soup and potage, as well as all garnishes for all a la cartes of the hotel and its room service). It’s a busy section in the kitchen and a very important one!

When you are only 16 years old and when you do more than 100 covers in the early morning for the breakfast service in a short time, I tell you, you do a lot of omelettes, so you learn fast because you don’t want to miss an order and people usually in the morning are always in hurry! (I have a lot of stories about this fantastic learning place “the Ritz Hotel” but that is for another post).

Making a good omelette needs a nice presentation, and you need to make sure the egg is not overcooked, not too colored, not too undercooked and still smoky hot when the client will eat it! You need PRACTICE… a LOT of practice.

So here some of my tips for you to get a nice omelette at home.



3 fresh eggs
10ml oil ( not vegetarian oil )
20 g of butter
80 g of chanterelle (mushrooms from France but you can use any fresh mushrooms)
1 shallot chopped
1/2 garlic clove chopped
2 g of chopped flat parsley
Salt and pepper


Clean your fresh mushrooms and wash it under clear water (maybe several times because sometimes there is sand in the mushroom that will not be a pleasant sensation when you will eat it).


After your mushrooms are clean, remove from the water. Put them on some table napkins to dry and remove the excess water.


Get a nice nonstick pan, add half of your oil and sauté your mushrooms. Add some salt (just a little so help remove the excess water), and keep flipping the pan so all mushrooms will get the same heat.


Once the water is reduced/removed, add some butter on a side of your pan without mixing yet with the mushroom. On this butter add shallot and garlic so your shallot and garlic will have enough time to be cooked without mixing it straight away with the mushrooms.


When your garlic is cooked enough without discoloration, mix everything together, adding salt, pepper and some chopped parsley. Set aside your mushrooms, and let’s start the omelette .

For the omelette:


Break your 3 eggs on a bowl with salt and pepper and start mixing it, use a fork or a whisk (if you have it). One of the tips here it’s to make sure that the Eggs are well mixed together . After mixing it than you are ready for the cooking part .

To prepare or roll the omelette:

So you see everything it’s on the timing .

When your nice omelette is nicely rolled up on your plate, just add your fresh mushroom left on top of the omelette like in the picture and you are ready to enjoy it!

If you find it too complicated to do, you just need to come and visit me at Brasserie CiÇou at Greenhills or at Impressions Restaurant at Resort World Manila . This beautiful dish is available with using the French chanterelles at Brasserie CiÇou.

Don’t forget that the Primed Life is all about balancing your life , you can eat primed food for 6 days a week.  After a long week with out sugar and pastry, the pastry tastes much better and you can taste all the sweetness and rich favors if you stick to it only once a week. Better do it with the best dessert to make it extra special.  I have a beautiful dessert for you very good so if you want to have something sweet, have “the Kouign Amann “. There is so much flavor and one of the best desserts that you can find here in Manila .

Merci beaucoup and Happy cooking!

Chef CiÇou


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