What’s for Lunch? The Primed Lunch Box Revealed

We all want to fuel ourselves and our loved ones OPTIMALLY for school or work.  Ideally we want to have high quality food and drinks to give us the energy so as to concentrate, learn, be creative and still maintain a positive mood.

In these hectic times it is not always easy to achieve this goal and we search for cheap and convenient ways to save ourselves time.  Unfortunately cheap and easy can have negative health consequences (obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hyper-tension, Alzheimer’s etc.) so it is important to plan and cook ahead of time.

Here are our typical Primed family lunch boxes that provide great fuel for our brains and bodies, fill us up very well, are tasty and don’t spike our blood sugars.

Primed Lunch Box - Lauren and Christian


(1) 2 carrots, sweet potato, onion (oven roasted) and some baby tomatoes (bought from Legaspi Market on Sunday)

(2) 1 cucumber (bought from Santa Rosa Fruit and Veg Market on Saturday after our Nuvali bike ride)

(3) Cauliflower and Brocolli Rice

(4) 2 red apples, 1 green apple, 1 orange and a banana

(5) Roasted Chicken with half eaten for Sunday dinner and the leftovers for Monday lunch. We will quite often oven roast 2 chickens for dinner so as to ensure we have lots left over for the weekly lunch boxes. We also like to roast a lot of vegetables with some for soup, dip and even Thai Green Coconut Cream Vegetable Curry.

(6) Primed chocolate brownie

Natasha’s Lunch

Primed Lunch Box

 Lauren’s Lunch

Primed Lunch Box - Lauren

Lauren also has a snack of Almonds and Cranberries in a snap lock bag.

Christian’s Lunch

Primed Lunch Box - Christian

The first item eaten in Christian’s lunch box is his Dark Chocolate Brownie!  Whatever is not eaten for lunch gets eaten as an after school snack.

The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

It is important that even before the long day begins that a healthy breakfast is consumed. After a re-hydrating glass of water my son either has a 4-egg omelette with malunggay and cheese or his favorite Banana Pancakes with Coconut Flour or Almond Flour.

Did you know that a supposed “healthy” breakfast of a glass of orange juice, breakfast cereal from a pack with skim milk and a slice of toast can contain almost 20 teaspoons of sugar?

Imagine the spike in blood sugar levels where you are not truly satiated and then look for more food by mid-morning.

Lunch Box Omelette

Other Lunch Box Items

(1) Vegetable sheets lasagne with tuna are a delicious and hearty lunch.  Make a big batch on Sunday and you can still be eating it for lunch on Friday.  Also tasty with tasty cheese, a quartered boiled egg or even grated almonds on top.

Primed Lunch Box - Lasagne with Veg Sheets

(2) If you are really pressed for time you could have a can of Tuna (in water only, never vegetable oil), diced pickles, malunggay leaves and a boiled egg as a quick and convenient lunch.  We always have Canned Tuna in Water, Pickles (you can easily make your own), Malunggay and Boiled Eggs on hand for emergencies.

(3) Tuna and Vegetable Patties.

(4) We also include Grilled Chicken Breast, Beef and Pork as side dishes to the vegetables we always ensure get packed in our lunch boxes first.

 With everything we eat or drink we are either feeding or fighting disease. 

It does take more time and planning to be Primed for your Life but your improved health today means you do not pay the price (doctors and medicines) tomorrow.

 Please contact us here with any suggestion or feedback as Chef Cyrille and I would love to hear from you.  What are some Primed lunch box items you like?




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