Is Using a Microwave Good for the health of you and your family?

I am not a scientist and really do not know if a microwave is good or bad. However, I know it does not make my food taste better and has made it worse on a number of previous occasions.  I personally believe it actually lessens the nutrients in the food.

Besides, the words to “microwave food” conjures similar words like to to “zap” or “nuke” my food! I don’t want nuked food.

Being Primed for your Life is simply trying to maximize the nutritional quality of your food and drinks so as to feed your mind and body optimally so you can enjoy more time for life. We all want to live well and live long so the better your nutrition the better you will live daily and in the long-term. Nobody is 100% sure whether heating your food in a microwave affects the nutritional value of that food with many varying opinions on this HEATED subject!

However, given the uncertainty on whether a microwave is good or bad (I might be wrong) I think it might be best to err on the side of safety. Yes, a microwave is fast and convenient, but being Primed means taking more time to prepare and enjoy your food.

Microwave oven picture

Why would you even contemplate using a microwave (given the uncertainty of how it might affect the life sustaining nutrients in your food when you have better and safer alternatives.

Here Are 5 Simple Ways to Avoid Using the Convenient Microwave

1. If at work and you have your lunch box and want your food warmed then maybe simply take it out of the fridge one hour before you plan to eat it so it warms up a little, but cannot promote bacterial growth such as if it were left in the sun.

2. Maybe you can adjust your LUNCH BOX items to ones that don’t need to be heated. Examples include Filipino Fried Rice.

Filipino Fried Rice1

3. Learn to appreciate your food cold/warm only. If you are used to eating your food steaming hot then it might take time but over a period of months you would become used to cooler food. Having been a General Manager for 7 years at Hotels in Adelaide I rarely got the chance to eat hot meals and had no choice but to eat and appreciate my food on the cooler side.

4. Adding curry or chili to your dishes for lunch is a way of adding a little extra heat!

Chicken Curry _ Primed

Picture above is of Thai Green Chicken Curry with Squash, Saba Bananas and Coconut Milk.

5. The most obvious alternative is to use a conventional oven or stove top to heat your food.

So, what is a microwave good for?  

1. It is excellent at killing the germs in your kitchen wash cloth.  Simply place in a bowl, place in microwave, turn on for a few minutes and voila, all the nasty germs have been killed.

2. Use it for heating your heat pack for muscle relaxation.

3. Maybe use it as a way to elevate your computer to create a stand up desk.  See here for some tips to be fit, not fat, at work.

4. Can you recommend any other uses for your old and hopefully obsolete microwave?

Please let us know and contact us here.

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