Primed Scotch Egg with Pickled Cucumber and Ginger on Squash “Rice”

I am always trying to come up with some new cool dishes for my children to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Well, here is an item that is nutritious, inexpensive, tasty and good for any meal time. It is the traditional Scotch Egg where a layer of meat is wrapped around a boiled egg then pan fried.  Sounds good right?  It is a traditional British recipe that is making a comeback as people look more and more for real food items like their Grandparents used to eat.

Scotch Egg_Primed_for_your_life2


1/2 kilo of mince meat (can be beef, pork or chicken)
3 to 4 boiled eggs
1 onion (sauteed)
2 cloves of garlic (sauteed)
salt and pepper
handful of malunggay (optional)
pickled ginger and pickled cucumber

Optional items include: 1 egg beaten for the mince and either 1/2 cup of almond “flour” or coconut flour”.  I managed to make my Scotch Egg without the beaten egg or almond flour mixed into my onion and garlic minced beef.

Method to Boil an Egg:

(1) Simply place 6 eggs (always boil extra as back-up in the fridge) into boiling water in a pot. Oven top at number 7.
(2) The secret to being able to easily peel your egg is to prick the end of your egg with a needle before placing your egg into the water. Make sure your needle is clean and set that needle aside as your “egg needle”
(3) Once your pin pricked egg is in the boiling water lower the temperature of your oven top to 4 or 5 and then allow your egg to cook for 10 minutes only
(4) Once your 10 minutes is up use a slotted spoon and transfer your eggs into a bowl of water with ice. This stops the eggs from continuing to cook and will deliver a perfectly cooked boiled egg that will be able to peel
(5) Simply peel your egg in the ice bath water after cracking each end on your kitchen bench. The egg shell will be easy to remove now due to the membrane being pierced with your needle prior to being immersed in the boiling water

Method to Make the Scotch Egg: 

(1) Firstly have your boiled eggs already prepared as described above.

(2) Add your sauteed onion and garlic to your meat.  Add your salt and pepper to taste here too.

(3) It is optional to add malunggay for extra nutritional content and added flavor

Scotch Egg_Primed_for_your_life1

(4) Divide your mince mix into 3 or 4 (depending on how big you want to make your Scotch Egg). Now, with your mince simply wrap it around your boiled egg and set aside.

Scotch Egg_Primed_for_your_life

(5) With the rest of your mince make more big meat balls with your boiled egg inside.

(6) Place your pan on your stove top set to number 5 or 6.  Add your olive oil and then your Scotch Eggs once heated.  Ensure you cook each portion of your ball in the olive oil (for approximately 6 minutes altogether).

(7) Once browned on the outside you can transfer the Scotch Eggs to a heated oven (300 degrees) for approximately 10 to 15 minutes to cook throughout.

(8) Once cooked in the oven transfer to your plate with a kitchen towel to absorb some of the extra oil/juice.

(9 Your Scotch Egg tastes great on grated squash that has had salt added and then oven baked for 15 minutes in a coconut oil greased tray.

(10) Your Pickled Ginger and Pickled Cucumber are hopefully a staple in your fridge as they are so simple to make and a great accompaniment to many dishes.  Your Scotch Egg would also taste great for dinner on a bed of Ratatouille.

Scotch Egg_Primed_for_your_life3

My son had his Scotch Egg for breakfast and loved it with fresh cucumber and cheese.

Scotch Egg-Christian is Primed

Lunch Box Items:

The great news is that I have another healthy lunch box item for my 2 beautiful children.  A healthy item that will not only feed their bodies but their brains.  Something tasty that will also keep them satisfied throughout their school day so they are not seeking out unhealthy options.

Please see our Healthy Lunch Box post for other Lunch options for you and your family.  Cheers.

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