Top 10 Primed Fridge, Freezer and Pantry Items to Stock Everyday


We always ensure we have the following items in our fridge, freezer and pantry:

1. Primed Centrifuged Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut cream, coconut milk, coconut vinegar, coconut amino sauce, coconut sugar and coconut water. Luckily we live in the land of the coconut! Coconuts rock.

Jenel's food

2. Coconut flour (simple to make from dessicated coconut – see how cheap and easy here)


3. Coconut oil (virgin and non-virgin). Coconut oil is a rocking ingredient for your home-made energy gel. It is a great source of quality, healthy fats and energy.

4. Eggs – 10 boiled and many dozen fresh (free range is preferable if available and you can afford it). Simply buy the best eggs you can find and afford.

5. Kimchi (we love Korean food and Kimchi is a wonderful probiotic for improved gut health)

6. Pickled cucumber and pickled ginger

7. Bananas (even green (prebiotic) ones which are good for gut health). We like Lakatan and Saba bananas.

8. Lots of Sardines in olive oil, anchovies, Cans of Century Tuna in Water (never TOXIC vegetable oil), Salmon and Sardines again! (always checking labels to ensure no harmful ingredients)

9. A lot of Malunggay

10.Frozen berries (perfect for dessert, in an Omelette with Kale, Spinach or Malunggay and also great in a Primed Smoothie)

Primed Pantry & Fridge Items Every Day


Of course you should never have a limited diet as you really need a wide variety of minerals and vitamins to fuel your mind and body optimally. So, 11 to 20 include the following:

11. Lots of fresh vegetables from our local markets (especially onions and garlic). We love the Legaspi Market on Sundays and also buy from the wet market at Santa Rosa after biking in Nuvali on the weekends

12. Lemons and calamansi

13. Nuts such as almonds, cashews, pistachios and walnuts (never peanuts as they are a hard to digest legume)

14. Dark chocolate (72% and above) but checking labels to ensure no gluten

15. Coffee (delicious with coconut milk or coconut cream)

16. Green tea (delicious iced with lemon and ginger) and Malunggay Tea too

17. Chicken liver pate from Brasserie CiCou at Greenhills (great source of nutrients)

18.Fresh Fish, Meats and Chicken (breast, thigh and whole chickens for Roasting)

19. Himalayan Salt or sea salt and pepper and lots of spices like turmeric, cinnamon etc.

20. Chia seeds (are not cheap so are not for everyone – but high in Omega 3 fatty acids)

The final words:

Our Primed Lifestyle is about fueling our bodies optimally.

So, if you love rice and cannot give it up, then even if you add a table spoon of Malunggay you have improved the nutritional value of that dish for your mind and body. Simple right?

We need to start eating like our grandparents did where it was natural food and not processed “food”. That is optimal.

Feel free to leave a comment on your must have pantry and fridge items.  Cheers.

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