Time to Reflect

Let the countdown begin! Can you believe there are only 30 days till Christmas? We will countdown the next 30 days with some tips so as to hit 2015 ready to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Anything lost can be found again except for time wasted – Time is precious and it is up to us to make the most of our lives every day.


30. Time to Reflect

Of course you have to assess your successes and failures from the past year, but it is better to look forward and create some attainable goals so your 2015 can be better than 2014 from a personal and professional perspective.

Write down your goals for the year ahead.  I am not a big one for New Years Resolutions as they are often hard to maintain, but with a written goal (to be healthier, learn new skills, make new friends etc.) you will then have a clear focus to work towards.

Other goals you might want to write down and place prominently around your home could be:

(a) To reduce waist line size;

(b) To wear an aspirational shirt, pants and/or skirt:

(c) To enter a triathlon event;

(d) To enter a run event like the Pimco Trail run on January 11th and/or Condura Skyway fun run on February 1st;

(e) Improve general fitness;

(f) Overcome current health issues (it is possible, just ask Mae from WhenInManila);

(g) To exercise less and still maintain healthy body (easy if you go Primed – see Chad’s Primed Journey);

(h) To look better in your undies (or sans undies);

(i) To feel better & have more energy;

(j) To play more sport and have more fun;

(k) Join a Zumba class;

(l) Try yoga or pilates with a friend;

(m) To give up alcohol (I gave up on November 8th 2014 and will try again when I am 50 – almost 4 years away!);

(n) To read one fun and one educational book per month;

Grain Brain1

(o) To watch a movie every month (we recently really enjoyed watching Stonehearst Asylum – not for the faint of heart though);

(p) To try new restaurants (we recommend Brasserie CiCou of course! – must try their Primed Liver Pate with Baby Raddish);

CiCou-Chicken Liver Pate with Raddish

(q) To spend more quality time with your family etc.

The important point here is to write down your goal.  Be proud of them, tell your friends and loved ones and then just do it.  You will gain immense satisfaction from that activity as well as pride in accomplishing what you said you would.

Please feel free to share your goals for 2015.


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