A Primed Muffin a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Leading a Primed Lifestyle is about eating great food. Great food can only be made from quality and nutrient dense ingredients such as eggs, seaweed, chicken, bananas, coconut oil, almonds and malunggay pesto. These are the ingredients of our Primed Muffins that are a great breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert or bedtime snack.



Ingredients for Egg Muffin:


12 Eggs (free range and organic are best of course but often hard to find)
1 Piece of chicken breast or pieces of chicken thigh (can use any left overs from the fridge)
Malunggay pesto
2 or 3 Seaweed sheets (cut into strips)
Coconut oil or butter to grease your muffin trays
Salt and pepper

Ingredients for Banana and Berry Muffin:


Primed Banana Pancake Mix made from (a) Almond “flour” or (b) Easy to prepare coconut “flour”
Mixed berries (we buy ours from S&R)

Ingredients and Method for Malunggay Pesto:

Pesto with Malunggay

Simply blend in this order olive oil, cashews, malunggay, cheese, garlic cloves and basil with a salt pinch

Method for Egg Muffin:

1. Whisk your 12 eggs with salt and pepper. Add your seaweed sheets into the mixture.

2. Pour the mixture into 6 of the 12 muffin cups of your muffin tray that you have previously greased with coconut oil or butter.

3. Now add one table spoon of Malunggay Pesto into your egg and seaweed mixture. Whisk gently in.

4. Pour the rest of your Egg, pesto and seaweed mixture into the remaining 6 muffin cups

5. Place tray into pre-heated oven at 300 degrees and allow to cook for 20 minutes


Method for Banana and Berry Muffin:

1. Pour your Banana Pancake mixture evenly into your muffin trays that have been greased with butter or coconut oil

2. Spoon your berries evenly into the muffin cups

3. Place into pre-heated oven at 300 degrees and allow to cook for 20 minutes



1. This makes for a delicious breakfast especially with an Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk


2. You can go through your left overs in the fridge and add to your egg mixture.

3. These muffins are excellent warm or even straight from the fridge as a cold snack. Maybe make 12 of each every weekend and add it to your list of essential ingredients for your fridge.

4. These muffins are also ideal for your and your children’s lunch boxes.

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