Primed Sushi of Cauliflower Rice, Spinach, Cucumber, Carrots and Pink Salmon

We love Seaweed in our household. It is a crisp, flavorful snack, ideal in soups, salads, stir-fries and also with Primed ingredients rolled to make Primed Sushi for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Seaweed is green vegetation that’s been marinating in mineral-dense seawater for its entire life, and when you eat seaweed, besides being a good source of fiber you get the best source of iodine (helps keep your metabolism up), plus magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, and tons of other trace minerals that you might be (probably are) missing out on. Seaweed also includes protein, antioxidants and omega-3 fats.

“Seawed also contains a range of indigestible polysaccharides that have the unique ability to bind to heavy metals (like lead, mercury and radium).  They then pass through the gut without being absorbed, and consequently any toxins picked up as they pass through are excreted”. Renee from Planet Organic, U.K.

Sushi Primed_for_your_life1


Can of Pink Salmon (can use Century Tuna in Water – never Vegetable Oil – or even Sardines)

Handful of Spinach Leaves

1 Carrot cut into batons

1 Cucumber cut into medium sized strips with seeds removed (can use for other dishes or smoothies)

Packet of Roasted Seaweed Sheets (bought from local Korean or Japanese shop)

Cauliflower and Broccoli “Rice” (for my daughter Lauren’s Primed Sushi)

Brown Rice (for my son Christian’s Primed Sushi)


1. Lay your Seaweed sheet with the shiny side down onto your chopping board (or sushi mat) and gently wipe each end with a damp cloth (be careful here not to break the Seaweed sheet or make too damp). I also tried wiping the ends after building the ingredients and this worked well.

2. Now you build your Primed Sushi roll with your ingredients. First I added the Cauliflower and Broccoli Rice ensuring I left 1cm at the front and back of the Seaweed sheet. I also adjusted to not fill each end too much after some good advice from Lauren.

Sushi Primed_for_your_life2

3. Now you can add your Spinach leaves onto the Cauliflower and Broccoli Rice.

Sushi Primed_for_your_life3

4. Now you can add your carrot batons and Cucumber strips. I added the Pink Salmon (can use any fish or even chicken here) last so as to not make the Seaweed wet and soggy.

Sushi Primed_for_your_life4

5. Once you have assembled your favorite healthy ingredients you are ready to roll. Of course the bamboo mat helps if you have one but it is still possible to do so without. I simply dampened the ends of the Seaweed sheets and then folded the front to the middle and then rolled it till the end connected. Not too difficult to day but practice will make perfect.

Sushi Primed_for_your_life8

6. Once you have your Primed Sushi Roll simply cut in half and serve to your hungry loved ones.

Sushi Primed_for_your_life7


1. As mentioned in the ingredients section, you can adjust all ingredients to suit your taste. For my son I used his brown rice instead of cauliflower rice.

2. I love Primed Korean Kimbap Rolls for breakfast and used Kimchi, Pink Salmon and Sliced Fried Egg.

3. Feel free to create your own and get your children involved too so that healthy eating becomes fun.

4. I will make some for my children’s lunch box too as it will be a nice, easy to consume and healthy lunch.

5. Kimchi is a probiotic that is very good for your gut health.

Probiotics for gut health

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