Life as a Primed Teenager – Primed Girl

Hi, I am a Primed Girl. A teen who is sporty, loves food and loves to laugh.

My Parents

My parents have my best interest at heart. I love them but they can be annoying (it’s an old people thing). They have been leading a Primed Lifestyle for around 10 months now and I have been “forced” to go along for the ride because they buy all the food in the house! I actually don’t mind.

What Does Being Healthy Mean To Me?

It’s the right way to live your life. You’re not meant to drink lots of fizzy drinks every day. Our ancestors were running around and hunting their food and not eating processed food.

Typical School Lunch Box

I love my snacks of Almonds with Cranberries. Lunch is usually Chicken with Cauliflower Rice, Carrot Sticks, Cucumber and Apples. If I have training after school I bring some Bananas, extra Almonds and Cranberries.

I like my healthy lunch and often have friends asking about my Cauliflower Rice and why I don’t have any bread or rice. When they try my Cauliflower Rice they like it and want the recipe. They often try to sneak some of my food when I’m not looking.

Do You Feel You Are Missing Out On “Treats” Because You’re Primed

Not really. Sometimes I want a flavored drink but I like water. Sometimes I want food from the cafeteria but I like my lunch because the food is good and tasty. Cauliflower rice is my favorite and my friends even try to take some when I’m not looking. I also love Banana Pancakes.  Besides, I still have milk chocolate every now and then, soft drinks maybe once a month but no junk food like chips, biscuits and fast foods,

What Changes Have You Personally felt Since Going Primed?

Well, I think my skin has less pimples, perhaps I am less moody (you have to ask my brother about that) and I feel more energetic. After school I used to just want to veg out and relax but now I actually have the energy (and want to) to run 3 to 4 times a week. Which is good, because I am preparing for Track and Cross Country running at school next year.

Any Message For Other Kids About Being Primed?

I know junk food and junk drinks taste good but they are not good for you. They don’t give you the energy you need for sports, study, playing, having fun and even studying till late to finish that essay you were totally meant to do yesterday!

Please feel free to contact me here with any comments.  Thanks.

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