Broccoli and Cauliflower "Rice"

Firstly, let me confess, I loved rice. Especially white and fluffy, it goes well with so many dishes. I had been eating rice my whole life, especially as a boy when I lived in Singapore and Hong Kong, and even for the last 13 years whilst living and working in Manila.
However, with my new Primed Lifestyle, rice (and all grains), are out of my meal plan so I wanted to find a more nutrient dense alternative.
There is nothing fundamentally unhealthy about rice other than that it is a high glucose, high energy food that is meant to fuel active humans. Even as a triathlete who exercises very often, I now prefer my new, healthier alternatives and have found my performances improving.

• 1 Cauliflower
• 1 Broccoli
• Sea Salt
• Coconut Oil
• Coconut Milk

• Grate both the Cauliflower and Broccoli (even the stems)
• It should resemble grains of rice (do not worry if you notice some longer pieces)
• Place grated Cauliflower and broccoli onto a coconut or olive oil greased oven proof tray
• Stir so as to lightly coat ingredients with oil and add 2 pinches of salt (stir again)
• Place into pre-heated oven (350 degrees) for 5 minutes
• Remove and add a drizzle of coconut or almond milk. Stir. You do not want to add too much to make ingredients too wet but just so as to ensure it will not get too dry when it resumes cooking
• Place back into oven (don’t forget your oven gloves!) for 15 minutes but stir once more after 8 minutes

• Perfect accompaniment with other dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner
• Perfect to add to other dishes such as Vegetable Lasagne
• Great as a “rice” substitute for curries, pork and chicken adobo etc.
• Very healthy alternative to real rice but is nutrient dense and very good for you
• A friend of ours actually thought it was “real” rice!

• Plain Cauliflower “Rice” where you do not have the broccoli
• Chef CiÇou Cauliflower “Rice” Pilaf Style where you place chopped and “sweated” onions into a oven pot, stir in cauliflower “rice”, add salt and coconut milk and then place on lid after stirring. Place into oven for 20 minutes before removing
• Bacon and Spinach Cauliflower “Rice” where (a) You stir in cooked and chopped bacon and fresh spinach into finished Cauliflower “Rice” dish; or (b) Place bacon and spinach into oven pot with sweated onions and then add cauliflower, place on lid then bake in oven.
• Bon appetite!

“Chad introduced me to the Cauliflower “Rice” which I have been enjoying for 2 months now. Wow! You will never know it’s a vegetable! It’s really just like rice! Being Filipino, no meal is the same without rice. I even love his Broccoli & Cauliflower “Rice” Combo for extra nutrition.
To date, after Chad’s continuous reminders of avoiding grains, sugar and dairy products, I have lost 12 lbs.” – Rene Orosa

23 thoughts on “BROCCOLI & CAULIFLOWER “RICE””

    1. Hi Jocelyn, You are very welcome. It is a simple recipe but very tasty. My daughter loves it, and it means she is getting a lot more nutrients than compared with simply eating rice. I make a big batch of Cauliflower “Rice” every Sunday night and then we can enjoy it with a variety of dishes throughout the week. I hope you enjoy.

      1. Hi Chivas, With a good quality fridge I think it will last 5 days. Cooked in coconut oil you’ll have no worries. If you had a “rice” variety with coconut milk then 3 days would be maximum I think. Cheers.

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