The Best Primed Recipe of Braised Lamb Shoulder with Daikon and Squash Rice

The Lamb shoulder is really one of the best cuts for me, especially the way I prepare it with great spices and cooked slowly.

Lamb shoulder is ideal for slow cooking and has just enough fat that during the cooking it will give great flavors to the lamb.  Add some spices and lemon and serve with Primed daikon and squash rice or our delicious Ratatouille.

This fantastic recipe is one that you cook for sharing between friends or family. It is also one of the very nice recipes that you can enjoy at the Brasserie CiÇou in Greenhills. Please see a review on Brasserie CiÇou here.

List of Ingredients:

1.5g Lamb shoulder, boneless
5g Iodized Salt
1g Freshly ground black pepper
10g Raz el Hanout (is a spice mix from North Africa)
5g Cumin
100g White slice onions
20ml Olive oil
3g Mint, fresh
5g Coriander, fresh
20g Raisins
20 Almond Flakes
1 liter Beef Stock/Lamb Jus/Demi Glace
*Lemon confit
*Mint and Coriander Salad



1. Season the lamb shoulder on all sides with salt and pepper. Mix the raz el hanout and cumin then rub the lamb shoulder with this spice blend.

2. In a wide pot (like a dutch oven) heat up the olive oil. Sear the lamb shoulder on all sides.

3. Take out the lamb shoulder, add your onion and sweat them until a nice light brown color and then add the demi glaze with the stock as shown below. Add in the fresh mint and coriander, raisins, almond flakes and the lemon confit. Put the lamb shoulder back into the pot.


4. Make sure the lamb shoulder is covered with the stock. Let it boil then reduce the heat to low and let it simmer for 3-4 hours until tender. You can also put it inside the oven at 150 degrees Celsius.


5. When the lamb is tender, take it out from the pot and set aside. Finish the sauce by reducing it half way until it reaches a thick sauce consistency. Adjust the taste with salt and pepper, and a bit of butter if desired.

6. To serve, carve the lamb shoulder and put in a serving platter, then top with slices of lemon confit and mint-coriander salad. Serve the sauce on the side.

Primed braised lamb shoulder
Primed braised lamb shoulder

Et voila, don’t forget to serve our beautiful daikon and squash rice, Brocolli and Cauliflower Rice or Ratatouille as it goes very well with your lamb. Maybe even try a nice glass of Australian red wine from Wine Depot.

A Primed recipe to enjoy with your family for your healthy Primed Lifestyle!

Lamb is available at quality suppliers like The Green Grocer, Down To Earth (mainly for grass-fed beef) and Holy Carabao.

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