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Lovely is Making fabulous Primed Dishes

Lovely Joy Vicente

Anything with avocado and eggs rock. Primed Veg Kinilaw goes with almost anything.

Lovely food9

You cannot beat stuffed squid. This looks amazing.

Lovely food4

We buy our fresh seafood from Fishmongers Daily Catch.

Fishmongers Daily Catch

Remember to add lots of satiating brain fuel olive oil to your salads.

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Primed Curried Vegetables in Coconut Milk

I used to eat pasta but now I would never eat pasta again because it is such a highly processed nutrient deficient frankenfood. I prefer real food with real flavor that offers more nutrients to better help my mind and body, keep my blood sugars constant and help build my immune system.

Instead of GMO pasta made from the seeds of grasses you can substitute it with cabbage. Here are a few variations of Primed Cabbage “pasta” dishes.


cabbage chili coconut carbonara2

Can include any of the following:

Cabbage (one or two heads of cabbage)
Coconut milk or cream
Coconut oil
Salt and pepper
Assorted greens


Green and red chils
Red curry paste
Fried eggs

Onion and garlic and Ginger

Have fun with your ingredients and you can make many variations for your Primed Cabbage Dish like Rebekah Brandauer Jackson Did:

“A Chinese twist on Coconut Cabbage (from Chad Davis) we served it with smoked chicken and garnished with fried chicken skin ~ 12 grams of carbs. My 16 year old daughter had seconds.” From Rebekah Brandauer Jackson. Thanks Rebekah.

Chinese Cabbage

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Malungay, the rich man’s vegetable!

Malunggay used to be known as the poor man’s vegetable in the Philippines. Maybe it is true with respect to material wealth, but those who eat a lot of malunggay are rich in health due to the myriad of health benefits derived from this abundant and wondrous small leaf.

The malunggay tree is known as the miracle tree for good reason. The leaves, stem and even roots have properties that have some of these benefits: anti-ageing, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, increase sperm count and beauty/skin treatment among others.

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Chad’s Primed Eggs Benedict 3-Ways

Like most people, I love Eggs Benedict. Traditionally Eggs Benedict is served on a toasted English muffin with ham, a poached egg and hollandasie sauce. To make it Primed I have a few other versions for you to try.

I will start with the hollandaise sauce as it is the trickiest part of the recipe but quite easy once you have tried doing it a few times.
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Banana Pancakes with Home-made Coconut Flour

One of our most popular Primed recipes is our Banana Pancakes made with almond flour. They are delicious, have a great texture and are nutritious as almonds are loaded with lots of essential nutrients. However, almonds can be hard to find sometimes and are not cheap.

I had a wonderful breakfast with my friend Mae from WhenInManila where she loved my Banana Pancakes but I decided to use coconut flour next time we so we could try something different.

Coconut flour is easy to make and inexpensive. The price per pancake is less than 5 pesos. Coconut flour also has many health benefits as it has 5 grams of fiber per 2 tablespoons and by adding coconut flour it lowers the glycemic index (a measure of the rate that a food increases blood sugar) of the dishes to which it is added.

Coconut flour8
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Primed for your Life Recipes at Lifestyle Solutions Forum of Management Assoc. of the Philippines

It was a lot of fun (and very educational) to be at the InterContinental Manila as a presenter for the Management Association of the Philippines Lifestyle Forum.

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Primed Carbonara Squash Pasta

Carbonara Sauce, who does not like this classic sauce? I am sure that no one I know doesn’t enjoy the smokiness of the bacon, the earthy flavors of the mushrooms, the richness of the cream, egg and Parmesan!

All of these flavors make one of the most famous worldwide dishes …. oops did I forget to mention the pasta? Yes I did, because today it is a carbonara without the pasta. I am making it primed for you guys.

Carbonara without pasta is a dream come true for those people who want to avoid pasta?

Please, let’s get ready in your kitchen, it’s going to be fun.

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OMELETTE of Wilted Kale, Onions and Mixed Berries

I have a confession to make. As the owner, manager and breakfast cook in my own restaurant in Brisbane for 3 years I never learned how to make an Omelette. It seemed too difficult. I made a great Eggs Benedict, Wood Fired Breakfast Pizza and a lot of other dishes, but I always avoided the Omelette.

After receiving a few good tips from Chef Cyrille I decided to give it a go one morning during our holiday in London. I am pleased to say that it went well and my 2 children loved it.

It is not such a difficult dish to do after all as you will soon see.

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LASAGNE with Vegetable Sheets (not pasta)

Here is a complete meal in one nutritious slice. It might take a couple of hours of cutting vegetable and other preparations but it is definitely worth the effort. It is also a dish that can be stored in the fridge and eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner on subsequent days.

Traditional lasagne is usually creamy and involves layers of wheat sheets of pasta. As we know, wheat contains gluten, to which a growing number of people have difficulty digesting and choose to avoid. If you are like me and want to reduce (or eliminate) grains and/or gluten in your diet then here is an alternative to the traditional lasagne.

By substituting the pasta sheets with zucchini, squash and eggplant sheets you are making this dish far healthier. You are choosing higher quality foods that won’t spike your blood sugar and are therefore fuelling your body with optimal sources of calories.

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How To Be Fit (Not Fat) At Work

It is not easy to maintain fitness whilst at work slumped over your computer most of the day. We lead a sedentary work day and then commute home only to watch TV until bed time. This is not conducive to good health so here are a few tips for you to Prime your work day.

Top 7 Ways To Become Fitter Whilst at Work

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