Lovely is Making fabulous Primed Dishes

Lovely Joy Vicente

Anything with avocado and eggs rock. Primed Veg Kinilaw goes with almost anything.

Lovely food9

You cannot beat stuffed squid. This looks amazing.

Lovely food4

We buy our fresh seafood from Fishmongers Daily Catch.

Fishmongers Daily Catch

Remember to add lots of satiating brain fuel olive oil to your salads.

Lovely food

Chicken and asparagus are cool too.

Primed Omelettes rock.

Lovely food3

Good carbohydrates rock. Like eggplant. We avoid cheapo carbos like bread, pasta and noodles. They are not helping your brain or body. The poison glyphosate actually kills you slowly. You can thank Monsanto for poisoning us with their pesticide so they can make more money.

Lovely food2

Chicken and roast veggies are cool. Once Primed you learn to make extra for your breakfast or lunch box for tomorrow. Or add left-overs to your zudles.

Lovely food1

Zudles with Roast Chicken8

Lovely food10

Congratulations to Lovely for being so talented & creative.

The Final Word

Love Yourself1

Love and take care of animals. They need sunshine and good Primed food too.

Lauren Davis Dog Lover

Love garlic. Why not. Garlic is cool

Garlic - Love it

Yes to life - louise-hay-yes-to-life

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