Jose Mari and Chase Magsalin are Loving their Primed Lifestyle. It is not a diet. It is a cool, easily sustained Lifestyle.

IMNZ Jose Mari and Chase

From Ironamn Jose Mari O. Magsalin:

“Yes, guess what! The course was so brutal as compared to Melbourne. But, in this IMNZ I did not train too much but just aware of my nutrition. And I think, considering the course of NZ is so tough, I managed to still finish it without so much sore. No Gu Gels No Gatorades. Again, many thanks!”

Wow, just 20 months ago since Jose Mari O. Magsalin and Chase Hermit Tuvieron-Magsalin went Primed for your Life. They have done amazingly well for their whole family, friends and colleagues. They have changed their lives and are changing the lives of others too.

Jose Mari and Chase Primed

Little by little becomes a lot.

It is time to prioritize your health and happiness. 🙂

Congrats again on your NZ Ironman Jojo. 🙂 I was born in NZ!


Jose Mari and Chase Primed 1

I love it. All 3 very attractive and cool people in this picture are Primed. That is cool. See you soon Marge Camacho, Jose Mari O. Magsalin and Chase Hermit Tuvieron-Magsalin. 🙂

Chase 6

“Thanks Chad! Happy New Year! Will love to meet you and personally thank you for the life changes you have to both of us and my family. May God Bless you this 2016! Cheers!”

Thank you Chase Hermit Tuvieron-Magsalin and Jose Mari O. Magsalin. You have made my start to the year a wonderful one. Your positive actions and kind words inspire me as they are inspiring others too.


Jose 4

Why do we run? It should not be to get fit because that is what food is for. Health is only a relatively small percentage nutrition and the rest sleep, play, sun and minimum effective dose exercise. Your great nutrient dense food gives you the energy to exercise and compete.

Jose 3


Jose Mari and Chase do not need garbage cheapo products to do their exercise because they exercise for fun and to be healthier.

Jose 7


Chase and Jose Mari know that food is but one leg towards optimal health. I am so proud that Primed has helped them and their children to thrive.

Jose 1

Jose 2

Jose Mari and Chase ARE Inspirational – They ROCK

Jose Mari and Chase are proof: Anything is Possible! #encoremultisport#morethanasetofbikejerseys#andIMjuststartingthejourney#notyetevenhalfofmygoal #thankgodforeverything — with Encore Phils.

How it Began:

Jose Mari O. Magsalin, you and Chase Hermit Tuvieron-Magsalin rock. You rock big time. Your decision to go Primed a few months ago is reverberating like a stone skimmed along a lake. Your children, other family members and friends will follow your wonderful example. You are healthier, happier and better people as a result of going Primed.

That is so cool as you will bring others up as you rise. Just like your brother Jose Mari O. Magsalin. That’s huge. Love your work. Maybe he best “work” of your highly successful life thus far!

Jose 5

“It’s my first time to run 21km without GU Gels and Gatorade intake. 🙂 We both felt great. Cheers!”

“I noticed that based on my shirt and everyone noticed…everybody is telling me that I’m getting slimmer and slimmer. Yes, my long sleeves and barongs are now oversize to me. Hehe.”

“In fact, some says also my skin (facial skin) has improved.”

“Donuts- no more! Chocolates – not even. Hehe.”

“The only thing that remains so far is for our children but they are slowly eating more nutritiously and we are happy with their progress. Like you said, no stress but gradually crowd out the less than ideal for more optimal choices like eggs, cheese, vegetables, nuts etc.”


The Primed way is to teach. I teach you why you MUST care about what you eat and then I teach you and your helpers how to do it.


Chase Cooking 3

My job is to get you healthy and vibrant ASAP. Life is too precious to waste eating rubbish frankenfoods that make us sick, lazy and fat. With Chase Hermit Tuvieron-Magsalin and Jose Mari O. Magsalin.


I am so very proud and delighted for this cool Primed family. They are eating great food with great flavor and getting great results. Besides looking fabulous they are feeling it. If there is one thing we should teach our children it is how to eat proper food.

Optimal Primed Protocols eggs

Their darlings now eat the egg yolks. I am so proud. 🙂 They will surely grow up stronger, taller, smarter, happier and healthier. Impossible to argue with that because nutrient dense food has to be better than nutrient deficient food like processed sugar stuff that includes bread, pasta, crackers, noodles, doughnuts, pizza etc. Love your work Chase Hermit Tuvieron-Magsalin and Jose Mari O. Magsalin.

Because of cool Primed Chase and Jose Mari Rachel went Primed too.

Jose Mari Primed

Want to Go Primed and Live a Longer, Better Life?

  • Text Chad at 0929-421-2148
  • Email Chad at
  • Skype Chad at primedforyourlife

It is easy to do and the return is PRICELESS.

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