15 Days Till Christmas – Learn a New Recipe

15. Learn a New Recipe

Cooking can be very therapeutic as you get a little “me time” as you slice and dice your vegetables.  It can also be a way to bring families together as you all pitch in and help create a great dish to eat together later.

Why not challenge yourself and try a new recipe you haven’t done before?  You could try Ratatouille, Chef Cyrille’s wonderful Bouillabaise or even his exceedingly popular Primed Carbonara Pasta made with Squash (not pasta!).

Chef Cyrille cooking late lunch

In the picture above Chef Cyrille is cooking another great dish, but for his family this time and not guests at his Greenhills located Brasserie CiCou.

If your cooking skills are more rudimentary then perhaps try a couple of more simple recipes like Vegetable Sheets Lasagne, Banana Pancakes with Home-made Coconut Flour or Primed Kinilaw.

Eggs Benedict_3 Ways_Chad5

Primed Eggs Benedict 3-Ways is a nice one for Christmas morning.

Lamb with Roast Veg3

For Christmas dinner try some fabulous Primed Roast Lamb with Roasted Vegetables with some Australian red wine from Wine Depot.

For other great recipes also try this site from The Merrymaker Sisters and also this one from famous Australian Chef Pete Evans of My Kitchen Rules, as well as many other great initiatives.

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    1. My pleasure. Congratulations on all your success. It is absolutely fabulous. We always appreciate The Merrymaker Sister recipes. Cheers.

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