You Should Feel Great

14. You Should Feel Great

No matter your age, you should feel Primed for your Life and have sustained energy throughout your day. Then, once tired, sleep well for at least 7 hours and wake ready and re-charged for another great day. Is this how you feel? Do you feel great all day long?


Unfortunately, Unwell is the New Normal

Do you suffer from any of the following?

1. Stomach/digestive issues such as gas, bloating or diarrhea. A friend of mine fixed his irritable bowel syndrome of 15 years after going Primed.

2. Headaches

3. Moodiness, depression, irritability, anxiety and other temperament issues.

4. Fatigue in the morning or after lunch. Any energy issues throughout the day.

5. Brain fog, lack of mental clarity, dizziness or other neurological issues.

6. PMS, PCOS or other similar issues. Mae cured her PCOS with her Primed Lifestyle.

7. Excess weight/obesity/too skinny. Another friend (lets call him Maiqui) lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Picture below before and after going Primed.

8. Diabetes.

9. Hypertension.

10.Inflammation that might give you sore joints, back pain or other unexplained aches and pains. Another client had his long-term back pain mysteriously disappear after improving his food intake.

Over-fed and under-nourished89

11.Poor memory, poor concentration or forgetfulness.

12.Allergies to normal foods.

13.Skin issues like pimples, rashes etc.

14.Difficulty in sleeping at night.

15.Basically anything that does not allow you to feel energized throughout your entire day and affects your quality of life.

You Should Feel Great

If you are suffering from any of the above ailments then you should also know that it is not normal. Normal is to feel great. So, what is causing this?


Well, you could probably narrow the whole list down to lifestyle choices with a few exceptions of genetics and bad luck. However, it is probably due to some of the following:

1. Lack of Vitamin D (sunshine is essential).

2. Lack of movement by sitting too much. Read this interesting article.

3. Too much stress in your life.

4. Not enough water to properly hydrate your body and mind.

5. Lack of proper nutrition in your food choices that then have negative health consequences for you. This is probably a major contributing factor and one you can adjust relatively easily with some help and guidance.

So, What Can You Do?

Why not try a trial period of limiting grains, sugar, beans and vegetable oils for 2 weeks?

I did this before my Melbourne Ironman and felt so great (and lost 6 kilos) that I eliminated all those items full-time after my 2 week trial. I have since maintained the Primed Lifestyle with ease.

I have never felt better or been happier in my life and I get to eat a lot of great food daily. I am not reliant on my excessive exercise to maintain a reasonable body shape.

Make it a New Years resolution to try and feel great again with no pain and no ailments. If you need a Wellness Coach as a guide then feel free to contact me at 0929-421-2148 or at

Dr. Terry Wahls3

Need Inspiration?

How about the amazing Terry Wahls M.D. who cured herself of her dibilitating autoimmune disease Multiple sclerosis. Terry did it by ensuring she had optimal nutrients from her food. See her amazing story from her website here.

The image above is from the facebook page of Terry Wahls M.D.

Feature image and other images from Overfed and Undernourished facebook page and The Rawfoodfamily page.

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