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Recipe of Primed Cabbage Siomai from cool Primed Pudjan

To create nutritious Primed dishes you simply need quality Primed nutrients and a bit of imagination.

  • Primed Pudjan rocks and created this beautiful dish below. 
  • No set recipe here but pictures to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Do not be scared to experiment because if you have great Primed nutrients you will be able to create a great Primed dish like Pudjan did.

Pudjan Soimai5

The starting point is cabbage that you have already steamed or partially steamed.

Pudjan Soimai1

Pudjan soimai3

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Great Primed Food from Primed Ren Ren in Hong Kong and No More Belly Fats. Yippie.

Ren Ren before and after

Primed Ren Ren is Rocking It In Hong Kong

Ren Ren

  • Ren Ren has lost a lot of weight and is now an ideal weight for her size
  • Ren Ren has a lot more energy
  • Better sleep
  • Better skin
  • Is more creative
  • Is enjoying life more with her improved energy

Ren Ren 11

Primed success stories are worldwide. We don’t aim for perfection but continual improvements. To a Doha Primed client: “The key is your breakfast and more sun. 🙂 No worries to make “mistakes”. A smart person finds out why and learns from them. Right? Don’t’ aim to be perfect, aim to be better.”

Primed Ren Ren is rocking it in Hong Kong.


Ren Ren 14

From Primed Ren Ren

“I lost weight, my skin become soft because I also used it (Primed VCO) as a lotion in my body and I put turmeric and I apply in my face, the energy is higher and i’m very active.

Thnks I meet u chad.”

Ren Ren fun

“Thnk u so much sir Chad Davis,i really appreciate it.ur advices and recipes makes me who i am now. ur my inspiration when health and wellness is concerned, i love my brown skin and the effects of sun,and eating right and proper foods which is healthy, nutritious and delicious.”

Ren Ren food 1

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Ren Ren1

Beautiful Breakfast

Ren Ren Breakfast

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Ren Ren chef

I want to make a scenario on this”””This is the moment that I’ve been waiting for I received a prestigious award on my chosen career which to be a #chef# plus a bunos with two gorgeous man uhmmmmm””””’😅😅😅😋😋 smile to the highest level hahaha

Some Great Primed Food from Ren Ren

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Primed Twins Anastazcia and Danah Gutierrez are thriving Primed. Better skin, moods, energy and LIFE. Yippie.

I Love Primed Twins Anastazcia and Danah Gutierrez

I always love catching up with these cool and crazy Primed sisters!

  • They are thriving with their Primed Lifestyle with extra energy and better sleep. That’s a BIG tick after just a week. Both look healthier already.

Was so happy with them I bought them some 72% dark chocolate from Bacchus. For next week I have a challenge for them and only 1 will get the chocolate. Haha. 

#livelongerlivebetter😍😜#givemoretoreceivemore#FridayActsofRandomKindness #FARK — withChad DavisAnastazcia Gutierrez and Danah Gutierrez.

Anastazcia and Danah3

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13 Lessons from 13 Marathons

With the 38th Milo Marathon this Sunday the 27th of July 2014 I wanted to share the many lessons I have learned in my previous 13 marathons. This will be my 4th Milo Marathon and I am glad to support the race knowing that it has been such a well respected race in the Philippines.

One day I hope to have run 65 marathons like my friend Willy Yao and I am sure I will still be learning valuable lessons then too.

13 Marathons – 13 Lessons

Marathon 1. You Have To Be Well Nourished Before and During the Marathon

I went into my first marathon with total ignorance and paid a heavy price. The Subic International Marathon 2009 (4 hours 31 minutes) was a lesson in nutrition for me as I did not eat a proper lunch before the 4pm start. I was top 30 after 32km and then I hit the wall. I did not even have any food or cash on me that day but I always do now.

Marathon 2. It Is More Fun and Rewarding to Share the Journey

I ran the Great Wall of China Marathon in 2010 in 4:49:39. We joined a Filipino contingent and made some excellent friends and had the time of our lives. Realizing how great it was to be part of a large group helped sway us to join the Melbourne Ironman 2014.

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How to Maintain a PRIMED Lifestyle while on HOLIDAY

Holiday excess! Two words we do not like at all. We all usually come home with excess baggage from our holiday. Excess because of the new clothes, gifts for friends and souvenirs. But what about the excess weight around your waistline and butt? This is a usual occurrence after a great vacation where we return heavier than we left due to over-eating and drinking, and not getting enough exercise.

This post relates to our recent 3 weeks in Italy, France and the UK where we managed to return as we departed: fit and healthy. Here are a few hints on how to have a great holiday that could leave you a little lighter in body, enriched in mind, and save you some cash as well.

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Filipino Contingent’s After Party

Thanks to Princess and Fred Uytengsu from Sunrise Events, and David and Honey from 2XU Philippines, there was a fun Melbourne Ironman after party at Chihuahua Mexican Bar & Grill. It was fantastic to re-live our great memories from Melbourne where every member of the Filipino contingent became an Ironman.

After party1

The party was a lot of fun and I was delighted to be awarded with a nice trophy for getting the best marathon split for the group with my 3:28:27 time.

After party3

Magical Melbourne – 5 Melbourne Highlights

(1) Beautiful St.Kilda/Melbourne: We were absolutely delighted to be staying at a beautiful apartment in the heart of the action. Our view from our room was spectacular (as seen below). We booked through airbnb as it is inexpensive and you can find an ideal locations with kitchens and all the modern conveniences. St.Kilda is where all the main events were happening and we loved the area. You could swim at the beach, walk to the Ironman expo, bike and run the marathon course, and experience the great restaurants of the area. The people, lifestyle and ambience were truly fantastic.
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The Days Before the Ironman

One of the highlights of the whole trip was our breakfast with most of the 80 strong Filipino contingent. Thanks to Fred Uytengsu and Princess of Sunrise Events we had an excellent breakfast together and discussed our excitement for the pending event. Fred even arranged for the eventual female winner, Caroline Steffen from Switzerland, to give some words of inspiration to us all. She also won Melbourne Ironman 2012.

MIM Caroline

After putting our transition bags into Frankston we simply ate well and rested.

MIM bike

We had a very big late lunch of smoked salmon with avocado, scramble eggs, ham, mushroom, tomato, spinach, chicken, green tea and even a glass of red for me! We were in bed by 6pm and had a restful sleep knowing we had trained well, tapered appropriately and had done all we could to be ready for the grueling task ahead of us.

Definitely no carbo-loading occurred this time. Luckily we had Tri-United 1 as our triathlon warm up before Melbourne as Natasha learned a very valuable lesson. Despite not eating much bread, pasta, rice, noodles etc. for at least a month before Tri-United 1 Natasha decided to “carbo load” a little the night before the race. She ate a simple Japanese Udon Noodle dish that reacted very badly with her stomach so that she was quite ill several hours before that race and up to gun start. That lesson was well and truly learned from and neither of us would make that mistake again here! We stuck to our regular nutrition of quality meat, vegetables and fruit.
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You are an Ironman! These are the 4 words a lot of triathletes aspire to hear one day.

It is not just receiving the medal, or wearing the Ironman shirt afterwards, that makes those words so special, but the knowledge that you have achieved something significant that you can look back on with pride. It means that you were able to master the 3 distinct disciplines of the Ironman event (swim 3.8km, bike 180km and then run 42.2km).

This 5 part post will discuss these 3 disciplines as well as the most important and neglected 4th discipline of nutrition. Nutrition relates to your eating lifestyle months prior to the event and not just the supposed carbo-loading fallacy most athletes do the days prior to their event.

I hope you can learn from what I did right (as well as wrong) so your first Ironman will be a success.


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(1) The scenery. If you love to run then what better than getting to see the beautiful sights that rural Philippines has to offer? It is fun running through local villages and talk to the friendly locals, if only politely to ask for directions;

Trail running 1

(2) The fresh air. Well, if you have ever run along Edsa then you know what I mean. Besides the great scenery you get to breathe fresh, clean air;

Pimco Trail run