Primed Twins Anastazcia and Danah Gutierrez are thriving Primed. Better skin, moods, energy and LIFE. Yippie.

I Love Primed Twins Anastazcia and Danah Gutierrez

I always love catching up with these cool and crazy Primed sisters!

  • They are thriving with their Primed Lifestyle with extra energy and better sleep. That’s a BIG tick after just a week. Both look healthier already.

Was so happy with them I bought them some 72% dark chocolate from Bacchus. For next week I have a challenge for them and only 1 will get the chocolate. Haha. 

#livelongerlivebetter😍😜#givemoretoreceivemore#FridayActsofRandomKindness #FARK — withChad DavisAnastazcia Gutierrez and Danah Gutierrez.

Anastazcia and Danah3

Primed Anastazcia is a GREAT Seed

A Summary of Some Primed Improvements for Anastazcia Since November 2016

  • Feels “great” in her body
  • Said “This is the best I’ve ever felt.”
  • Has much better skin
  • Has more time to enjoy life
  • Danah and Anastazcia did not have to waste time doing lots of pointless exercise. I asked them to do less.


  • Excellent mental clarity and mental cognition
  • More productive throughout entire day
  • Enjoying life more
  • Is enjoying her regular intelligent fasts (do not attempt unless Primed/well nourished)
  • More energy (energy is life and life is energy)
  • More positive as she knows her great feelings in brain and body will just keep getting better
  • Peace of mind with respect to her health and how to live optimally

  • Fabulous cholesterol level markers. Anastazcia’s Triglyceride to HDL ratio is sub .6 with 2:1 acceptable but with 1:1 better. This is an indication of liver health with the ratio indicative of risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. The lower (like Anastazcia’s) the better. I know a celebrity who trains a lot with a ratio of 1.6. Mine is .3. All Primed clients improve this ratio significantly. The trend is crucial.
  • Anastazcia wrote: 
    “I am just happy that I took the first step in living a ketogenic lifestyle, as it propelled me to search for more ways to better my health, like getting “primed.” (Please know that eating right is just 20% of total wellness! Talk to my Coach Chad Davisif you want to learn the secrets and principles we live by!) I also hope that this encourages more people to stop fearing fat. Do your own research and be diligent with counting your macros when you start. Don’t just dive in without studying a high fat and low carb lifestyle, as well as the different sweeteners you’ll be replacing your sugar with. Trust me, you need to do your research! (Read my first article on living high fat and low carb here.)”

Manny architects cholesterol

Also from Anastazcia:

“I AM SO ECSTATIC THAT THE RESULTS OF MY TEST PROVE HOW MUCH BETTER MY HEALTH IS! I FEEL GREAT! Whew! All the hard work of quitting sugar and adjusting to a high fat and low carb lifestyle do pay off! I am on cloud nine!!!

Editors note – Primed is no cheap poisoned carbs but quality green vegetable carbohydrates. It is also no bad fats like TOXIC veg oil but includes healthy, satiating fats like avocado, Virgin Coconut Oil, good European butter and cheese etc. It is quality nutrition of which food is just a part and not the most significant. Primed is contextual without a one size fits all. It depends on you, your daily environment and thoughts.

amazing-cholesterol-ratios image

Beautiful Primed Danah Rocks and is COOL

Danah G

A Summary of Some Primed Improvements for Danah Since November 2016

  • Similar to twin Anastazcia
  • Danah has “MORE time” to work, play, pray, love, help etc. 


  • Danah is also more productive and is achieving more at a higher level. That is HUGE. 
  • Danah and Anastazcia did not have to waste time doing lots of pointless exercise. I asked them to do less.

Thanks for these kind words Anastazcia

“Thanks to Chad Davis for always checking up on my progress and what I eat!!! He’s the best wellness coach ever.  “

Anastazcia solo

 From a Cool Blog Post from Anastazcia
What are the documentaries that changed your outlook?
That Sugar Film and Fed Up on Netflix.

Who’s your wellness coach?

“My coach now is Chad Davis of Primed For Your Life.

He’s an amazing wellness coach. Very hands on. We see each other twice a month to catch up and check progress.

He’s super passionate about educating Filipinos about the lies that the food and health industry have been feeding us.

He knows about the system that keeps us sick and he’s so determined to make a change! (Watch Fed Up to know more about this.) I really love him, he’s the best.”

Anastazcia’s Blood Works CONFIRMS What We Can See and How She Feels

“Thanks to my wellness Coach Chad Davis of Primed for your Life for being an outspoken advocate against the “healthy lifestyle” most people know today!”



Happy gift to give

Thanks for these kind words Danah

Anastazcia and Danah5

The last time I wore this swimsuit was when I was 17 years old.

I wanna thank my coach Chad Davis for helping me with my health and wellness!

But more importantly, I am grateful to Anastazcia for the passive-aggressive statements that make me internally die of guilt everytime I choose to cheat with VERY minimal sugar and carbs MINSAN. LELS. She seriously is da BESSSSSSSTTTTT NUTRITION POLICE 🚨



Anastazcia and Danah DO NOT Hide from the Sun – They are Proudly Filipina

Anastazcia and Danah1

Primed improves your skin and you. It improves your body and improves your brain.

#sunshineisenergy☀ #energyislifelifeisenergy #energyislife❤#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter

Anastazcia and Danah Love Primed Organic Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil

Anastazcia G vco

Just had to give Anastazcia Gutierrez and Danah Gutierrez 2 cool gifts today. They are rocking the Primed Lifestyle.

Primed Organic VCO was one for cooking, their skin and oil pulling.

We Love Dining at The Wholesome Table

Anastazcia and Danah4

Having lunch with two Primed beauties today . Yippie. Lunch is at The Wholesome Table where the staff are also Primed. So many success stories there already with so many more to unfold. @thedanahsoars @anastazcia Cheers @biancaelizalde



Anastazcia TWT

We three are loving the Primed life. Loving The Wholesome Table food, service and ambiance. Danah Gutierrez and Anastazcia Gutierrez follow you @biancaelizalde and think you are cool. Bianca Araneta-Elizalde is cool and runs a great restaurant group that supports other great businesses too. Well worth supporting. The staff are also Primed and thriving.

CHAMPS inspired by Anastazcia and Danah to go Primed:

Primed is about you becoming healthier and happier. It is about building your immune system. It is about improving your body and brain.

To be able to help and inspire others is PRICELESS.

Halee and Jed

Halee and Jed

Yippie, Halee and Jed are now Primed. We had our initial Primed seminar last night with positive results to be felt within days. Once Primed your brain and body improve. I’ll teach you the optimal way to a healthier and happier lifestyle. We all need that.

Halee said: “Feeling awesome. I do not get cravings now and not hungry often unlike before.” 


Geri and family

Anastazcia and Danah2

2 weeks ago yesterday I ran to 21km to visit Geri Teves Camahort in Merville.

Geri went Primed because she knows me from teaching her at Enderun Colleges and because she knows Rona, Anastazcia Gutierrez and Danah Gutierrez are thriving with their Primed lifestyle.

Now Geri has more energy and mental clarity and has seen 13 pounds go. Very groovy. When your body works better so does your brain. Love your work @gercamahort

#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#livelongerlivebetter😍 #primedforyourlife🌟😍 — with Danah Gutierrez.

Rona and Eric ERUPTION Tai


Rona and Eric said yes to helping attendees of a healthy seminar at Makati Shangri-La where someone lost 20 pounds, asthma and hypertension 3 weeks after our inspirational Primed Seminar.

Arches family and staff


Primed seminars change lives for the better. Had fun running in the rain to Makati. Had even more fun helping these cool cats to a better future. Primed teaches you the why and shows you the how to. It’s ok to slip every now and then as long as you continually learn and improve.


Patti M.


Just start.

Primed is all about moving forward and not worrying about the past. The past is done. Just learn from it and use mistakes as fuel for your fire to improve yourself.

So many are going Primed and improving their lives. And that of their family too. Love my Primed model Patti Malay. You are fabulous Patricia. 🙂


Some Yummy Primed Food

Anastazcia G4

From Anastazcia:

“A lot of you have been asking me what I eat. So this is brunch everyday: kinilaw na veggies that I learned how to make from my wellness coach, Chad Davis, of @primedforyourlife. 💪 Basically it’s just okra, tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumber soaked to cook in apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and calamansi juice with lots of chopped ginger, garlic, and onions.

It serves as my “base” instead of carbs (like bread or rice). I usually pair it with organic sardines or tuyo. Today it’s tuyo with 2 soft boiled eggs. 🐟🍳 I also drink bullet proof coffee with brunch and this entire meal is enough to keep me full until dinner. I only eat twice a day, sometimes I do an intelligent fast and eat one full meal for the whole day. I don’t get hungry. It’s the good fats!!! 💕Fat isn’t bad. Do your own research. The food industry is fucked up, I’m telling ya. You gotta seek the truth!!!”

Anastazcia G3

Anastazcia G2

The Final Word

Primed is a lifestyle. It is not a diet.

Low carb

Food is just one part of your overall nutrition. Even with perfect nutrition we can still be less than optimal. Primed teaches you the way to optimal. Optimal BRAIN and BODY.

Elimination diet

If you wish to go Primed please contact me at:

  • 0929-421-2148


  • skype of primedforyourlife

Or Arrange a Meeting with Anastazia & Myself.

PCOS Goneski

Fiishmongersdailycatch hypertensio

Primed reverses

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