Beach Life in Australia – Perfect in summer and winter

We loved our Aussie winter holiday in South Australia. 

Despite it being winter with temps as low as 2 degrees celsius at times we visited 12 beaches or so which included Glenelg, West Beach, Henley, Grange, Tennyson, Middleton, and  Horseshoe Bay among others.



Once back in the Philippines we went to Boracay and enjoyed the warmer waters of White Beach, Iligan and Puka.


Some of our Adelaide Beach Pictures

Beach life5

Beach life6

Beach life7

Beach life

The pictures above and below are showing off the SCHNITZEL. It is like this:

  1. Get wet in the freezing cold water;
  2. Roll in the dry sand so it is all over you like crumbing a piece of meat; and
  3. Then you are forced to get back into the freezing water to get all the sand off!! It is fun but cold and a little sandy. Haha.

Beach life1

Beach life2

Beach life3

Beach life4


Horseshoe Bay scenery6

Horseshoe Bay scenery5

Above and below is at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay beach.

Horseshoe Bay scenery4

Horseshoe Bay scenery1


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Time to Reflect

Photo credits to LC Photography


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