Recipe of Primed Cabbage Siomai from cool Primed Pudjan

To create nutritious Primed dishes you simply need quality Primed nutrients and a bit of imagination.

  • Primed Pudjan rocks and created this beautiful dish below. 
  • No set recipe here but pictures to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Do not be scared to experiment because if you have great Primed nutrients you will be able to create a great Primed dish like Pudjan did.

Pudjan Soimai5

The starting point is cabbage that you have already steamed or partially steamed.

Pudjan Soimai1

Pudjan soimai3

From Pudjan:

  • “Hi Chad! Actually it was my first time to do that haha. I really wanted to make my own mixture however didnt have ground pork this morning. So, what i did was that, i removed the skin of the sausage and that’s what i wrapped with cabbage.
  • Anyway, the sausage is composed with ground pork, garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper. The sausage was just purchased in the market. In our locality, we call it longganisa. Though i was not sure if it is primed. Since bacon is primed, i assumed that longganisa is primed too😁☺ you can correct me about that mate hehe.
  • But it really tastes good.
  • The reason why i made it was to eat more veggies.”

Pudjan soimai2

I also experimented with Primed Oven Baked “Siomai”

Siomai Primed

This was very delicious. Steamed cabbage cups filled with home-made tomato sauce, extra garlic, chili, okra and cheddar cheese.


Siomai Primed 1

I wrapped my @downtoearthph grass-fed beef chili con carne in my steamed cabbage then oven baked it. Added chopped okra for extra quality carbohydrates. Was easy to do and delicious.

#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain #brownskinrocks🌟🌟 #sunshineisenergy☀️ #energyislife❤️

Pudjan Soimai8

From Pudjan –

“Primed changed my way of living. 

  • Now, i have 8-10hrs of sleep.
  • My digestion had improved. Before, i excrete every after 2-3days but now, i excrete every single day. It feels great!
  • When i was still eating rice, even brown rice, i always had struggles on maintaining my BMI. But when i started going primed, even i dont workout, my BMI is good. I have the ideal BMI.
  • Primed makes me feel light yet strong.
  • I am not easily attacked by virus. For example, when all my housemates were suffering from colds, and that time, i had to talk to them face to face, i didnt suffer from that virus.
  • It’s really amazing. It feels that i am protected.
  • It’s because i started teaching my brain that i shouldnt eat rice or sweet foods because they will just ruin my health and my life basically.
  • I started to crave for more veggies, quality fats, or any quality food.
    Really, primed rocks!”

Pudjan Soimai7



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