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Cool Stuff to Buy at Your Local Korean Grocery Store

I love Korean food and seek out Korean stores where ever I travel. There are many excellent Korean shops in Makati, near our new home in Pasig/Ortigas and even in Davao when I visit the cool Primed staff of NEH Philippines.

Korean Shop18

My 2 favorite items to buy are Kimchi and Nori Sheets.

I also love other types of seaweed like Kelp.

Korean Primed Muffins - Seaweed

They make the fabulous Primed Kimbap Wraps.

NEH Philippines cook Devine and I made some for their staff which they loved.

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Where is your Favorite Farmer’s Market?

My favorite thing to do whilst on holiday is to visit the local Farmer’s Market. Adelaide is famous for its Central Market, we loved the local Paris markets and those in Rome too.  You can make great picnic items from the produce available at these markets.

The wonderful smells, the vibrant colors and the unique characters you meet add to our holiday experience.

We also love supporting local businesses who put extra love into their produce.

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Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm Salted Duck Egg Salad

There is no better way to recover from a tough Malaysian Ironman event then to replenish your body with great recovery fuel. My fuel of choice was a hearty and healthy salad full of protein, good fats, minerals, vitamins and probiotics for improved gut health.


Please see this quick and easy Salted Duck Egg Salad recipe that takes less than 5 minutes to assemble.
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Kale and Pineapple Smoothie At Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay

I like kale but a lot of people do not. My daughter Lauren is not a fan of kale and never wants to have it again!

The fact that it is very, very good for you will not make up for the fact that some people just don’t like the taste as they find it too rich, bitter and powerful on the taste buds.

What if you can make a delicious and nutritious smoothie that incorporates this nutritious food into your diet?

At Nurture Wellness Village I enjoyed one of the most delightful smoothies I have ever tried. It was so good that I actually had 2.

The owner, Cathy, tells of a delightful story where a 9 year old girl, sipping on a Kale and Pineapple Smoothie, exclaimed to her Mum, “I love Kale juice!”

I will be taking my daughter and son there hoping they too might have the same response.

Kale smoothie3

To make the smoothie simply blend ice, de-stemmed kale leaves and pineapple.

The great thing about getting your kale smoothie or buying your kale from Nurture Wellness Village is that it is organic and great quality. Kale is also excellent inside an Omelette with Berries.

Kale smoothie7

If you are in Tagaytay enjoying the cooler weather there drop in and experience Nurture’s Spa or Wellness treatments, lunch or dinner, or even a delicious Kale and Pineapple Smoothie in their beautiful and relaxing garden setting.

Kale smoothie6