Home-made Primed Fried Nori in Avocado Oil

Here is a great snack that you can easily make

We love nori and all forms of seaweed. This is a simple snack that is delicious and nutritious. We also love kimchi.

Korean market15


  • Nori sheets (available at local Korean mart or even supermarkets)
  • Avocado oil (we get ours from Basic BNBI Solutions Ph. 656-6229)
  • Himalayan or sea salt
  • Can use other oils like Coconut oil or even olive oil provided you do not get your pan too hot)
  • Can even use butter and vco or olive oil combination

Nori fried fi


  • Simply heat pan gently over low heat
  • Add your avocado / VCO / olive oil
  • Add your nori sheet for a second
  • Turn using tongs
  • Remove and salt
  • Cut into bite size pieces

Nori fried in avocado oil

We enjoyed our Avocado Oil Fried Nori at the poolside with great friend Janee

Cabbage Saemipina5


Other items besides Avocado oil  that we get from Basic BNBI Solutions Ph. 656-6229 include Salemipina Sauce.

Cabbage Saemipina

I made this fabulous cabbage dish. One was pure vegetarian and the other I added sardines in olive oil.

Cabbage Saemipina1

Cabbage Saemipina2




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