Chef Lorense from The Wholesome Table is 25 pounds down Primed. His family are also enjoying their Primed Lifestyle.

Chef Lorense rocks

He is enjoying his Primed Lifestyle and noticed the following:

  • 25 pounds lost without exercise, meds or supplements
  • Is enjoying great, organic food like green carbohydrate vegetables, eggs and seafood
  • Is very happy that his family are also enjoying their Primed lifestyle too
  • Has more energy all day
  • More energy to work more productively
  • More energy to spend quality time with his family on his days off

  • Has improved mental clarity 
  • Has improved moods
  • Has peace of mind in knowing that his Primed lifestyle will last a life time of great health

Lorense pic 1

  • Primed clients LOVE The Wholesome table where the service rocks.

  • Their cool chefs like Chef Lorense and Chef Vanessa really care for your health and produce beautiful food.

Vegan at The Wholesome Table

  • Chef Lorense is Primed because he has bosses that really care.

  • They care for their customers and their staff.

Juan and Bianca

The Wholesome Table5

It is great supporting great businesses that support real farmers.

Bianca the farmer


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