Nori Seaweed Roll Recipe from Primed Dax in Singapore

Great Primed food can be child’s play. Seriously, it is not difficult as you can see here.

Dax Primed food wrap

From Primed Dax in Singapore: “My son is my biggest fan, double down on our brunch munch! Organic egg wrapped Nori with Seared tuna citrus greens… Go Primed.”

Great lunch – Primed.
Laing sushi roll, Sweet potato leaves and Kale salad, Sardines, Eggs, Olives – thanks Chad Davis 

See The Step-by-Step Guide from Primed Dax Below

Nori Laing Egg1

Fry egg and place on nori sheet. Put home-made Laing (recipe here) on top of fried egg. Roll nori and cut. Hint, you can wet the end of the nori with water so it sticks down easily.

Nori Laing Egg2

Now you can add other Primed ingrredients like VCO fried eggs and sardines.

Nori Laing Egg3

Nori Laing Egg5

A great Primed breakfast like this one will see you through your whole day until you eat a light dinner so as to maximize your repair whilst sleeping. Meal timing is critical.

Some Other Cool Primed Meals from Dax in Singapore

Dax Primed food seafood

Dax Taparan I made the sardines ceviche from scratch, used ACV, ginger, onion and Fresno chili. With a dash of E. virgin coco oil

Dax Primed food kinilaw prep

Dax Primed food kinilaw

How do you get Primed? Prepping todays Lunch for the kids. My primed kinilaw: Grilled eggplant, lady finger, bell pepper , jap kyuri, ginger, tomato, ACV. The whisky is for dad and im off today.

Dax is Special

From when we were colleagues at Makati Shangri-La I could tell Dax was something special. He had an energy about him besides a winning smile.

Dax rocks

We can save lives. We can help people to live better quality lives through optimizing their nutrition & lifestyle and removing the toxins. This is how we rock Primed for your Life.

“chad its been 3 months now being away from crappy food. Wife is following and my daughter. i have been running 4 x a week after work from hotel to home using some of your tips…

i’d like to bring this to the next level. i want to be a Primed advocate…”

Dax Rocks

Dax with pre Primed Chad

I am so proud of Dax and that his daughter Sofia is also THRIVING. She is healthier and happier than ever. That makes me so HAPPY.


Dax has helped himself to a better future and for his family too. That’s huge.

Dax with Sofia and family

Dax looks so much healthier and vibrant now compared to 2012. Me too.

My Before and After – I am 5 years younger now and SMARTER. Yippie.

5 years younger

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