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Recipe for Steamed Eggs with Fresh Fish and Bagna Caude Sauce. Delicious, nutritious and filling.

Bagna Caude Sauce ROCKS

Bagna Caude Sauce ingredients

Ingredients are super simple for Bagna Caude Sauce:

  • Butter – grass fed is best. Like Anchor.
  • Anchovies in olive oil. NEVER toxic killer veg oil like canola.
  • Garlic. Can be shaved or over roasted with turmeric.
  • Olive oil. Not veg oil which is a heart attack inducing cheap as chips crap ingredient.


Below I roasted garlic in the oven after tossing it in Virgin Coconut Oil and adding turmeric, pepper and Himalayan salt.  Delicious on its own too.

Steamed eggs with BCsce5

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Primed Guacamole is So Good and So Good for Your Mind & Body

A wonderfully Primed ingredient is Avocados. So nutritious and very versatile too. Here my beautiful Primed daughter Lauren helped me prepare our Primed Guacamole.




2 avocados
1 large ripe tomato
1 onion
5 or 6 garlic cloves
4 tablespoons of calamansi or lemon juice
4 tablespoons of coriander
pinch of salt, pepper and chili powder (optional)

We buy our Avocados from Luntiang Republike Eco Farms or the Sunday Legaspi Market.


1. Put on your favorite shoes (I love my light weight New Balance minimalist shoes). Walk or run to your favorite market. I got the fabulous avocados below from the Legaspi Sunday Market. We also buy them from Luntiang Republika Eco Farms.

2. Always ensure you wash your fruit and vegetables thoroughly before chopping.

3. Cut your tomatoes into small pieces. Dice your onion and garlic into small pieces too. Juice your calamansi to yield 4 tablespoons. Rough chop your coriander into smaller pieces and even use the stems.


4. Combine all your ingredients except the avocados into a bowl. Avocado is mixed in last.

5. Cut your avocados in half but keep the stone. I’ll post on how to utilize these later. You can wash the stone, dry out for a few days then freeze.

6. Mash your avocado in a separate bowl from your other ingredients.

7. Combine the 2 bowls together and season with your salt, pepper and chili powder if you wish.


8. Store the Guacamole Dip in your fridge for approximately one hour to allow ingredients to cool down. Not totally necessary as it tastes great warm too.



1. We love our Primed Guacamole with our Primed Sweet Potato Fries Cooked in Coconut Oil.

2. Guacamole goes well with almost any dish.


3. Avocados are full of goodness.


Primed Malunggay Pesto – Cool recipe from Imelda

I love all things malunggay. It is a true super food that should be consumed by all Filipinos weekly (daily would be better).

Indeed, one cool way to get all Filipinos healthier would be to mandate that they eat malunggay daily (along with eggs) and get more sunshine on their skins (umbrellas only if it is raining).

A new Primed couple is Imelda and Alexander and their family:


In less than a week Imelda said: “Hi Chad, I lost 3 lbs so far, alex lost i think 5 (men and their metabolism!!! ugh ugh) I feel great. although I have to get more sun.”#primedimprovesyouroutlook#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain

Optimal Primed Protocols sunshine1

Alex and Imelda know now the secret to living a longer, better life. That’s cool for their whole family. That’s Primed.


Here is a great Primed Malunggay Pesto recipe from talented cook Imelda Lee Acidera.


Nuts of choice (mine is almonds)
Olive oil
Cheese (not pictured)

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Zudles, Broccoli & Spinach with Bagna Caude Sauce

Zudles rock. Thanks to Via for the cool name. Zudles is a far cooler way than saying Zoodles.

You just need a knife to slices your zucchini into thin strips or use this kitchen helper to do the job easily and quickly.



A lot of onion, garlic and ginger (optional)

Zucchini made into zudles as shown above

Primed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for initial frying of onion, garlic and ginger

Broccoli that was been lightly steamed (keep the stalks for Primed Gourmet Pizza)

Spinach (the more the merrier)

Bagna Caude Sauce (butter, olive oil, anchovies & grated garlic)

Zudles ingredients

The sauce is my favorite sauce recipe (and that of Pope Francis): Bagna Caude Sauce.

Here are the ingredients of the Bagna caude Sauce.

Bagna Caude Sauce ingredients

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Primed Mayonnaise – Quick, Easy and Delicious

A great Primed Mayonnaise is a perfect sauce to always have in your fridge. Another great sauce to always have is the favorite of Pope Francis, Bagna Caude. See here for some other Primed items to always stock in your fridge and pantry.

Here’s a great Primed Mayonnaise recipe to show you how easy it is.


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Favorite Dish of Pope Francis – Bagna Cauda Recipe

Pope Francis has moved people’s hearts and touched the lives even of the non-Catholics and the non-believers throughout the world.  Throughout his life he has been noted for his humility and concern for the poor.

We wish him a wonderful visit to the Philippines this week.  His Holiness Pope Francis will bring his message of “mercy and compassion”.

In honor of the arrival of Pope Francis I wanted to highlight one of his favorite dishes.  It is Bagna Cauda.   This is a specialty of the Piedmont region of Italy, where his family immigrated from.

Bagna Cause1 - Pope Francis

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