Amazing Colors of Luntiang Republika Eco Farms – A Sustainable Way of Farming

When you go Primed for your Life you get to eat some amazing food that you might not have tried before. You move away from the lower nutrient style of non-foods to more nutrient dense foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and quality fatty acids.

These are exactly the wonderful foods full of vibrant colors that we now enjoy from Luntiang Republika Eco Farms (organically and sustainable grown).

Available Fresh Produce for the Week Varies Seasonally but Here is a Sample of Some of Their Wonderful Produce:

Dragon Fruit


Saba Bananas (our favorite) and Avocados


I Adore Their Tuyo in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Laing (Taro Leaves Cooked in Coconut Milk)


So delicious with Avocado.


Okra is So Good

Luntiang Okra

Delicious and Nutritious Eggplant (Talong)


With great ingredients you can make great dishes to optimally fuel your mind and body.


Red Peppers

Luniang Peppers

We Bought A Lot of Great Produce


It was extremely good value for money.


We Had The Best Time at Luntiang Republika Eco Farms


The Surroundings are Gorgeous


We Had a Fabulous Lunch


Wonderful food in glorious surroundings with you family and friends: It does not get better than that.


How Do You Order?

For orders, you may text or call Chiel (0906 817 9862). Orders may be picked up at the Ayala Alabang Saturday Market (Lasalle Zobel parking area) from 6 am to 12 noon.

Raising Native Pigs in the Farm

Welcoming a new set of piglets


Raising native pigs is a good prospect because of the steady increase of demand for their meat. They are especially sought after in lechon (roasted pig) because of their more flavorful and leaner meat compared to the hybrids.

The method that we use in our piggery is the deep bed system (DBS). The DBS primarily uses rice hull, charcoal and soil as the medium. The foul odors associated with pigpens are surprisingly minimized and sometimes are even non-existent.

The growing period for native pigs ranges from 6 to 7 months to be able to reach about 40-50 kgs or more. The waiting time is shorter though if you intend to have them roasted as suckling pigs. I think it is well worth the difference.

This big pig loves his greens.


Christian too.


All from the website of Luntiang Republika Eco Farms

Luntiang Republika Eco Farms facebook page.

Where to find Luntiang Republika Eco Farms:

See the website for the location here.

The land is nestled in the highlands of Alfonso, Cavite, south of Luzon. It is bounded by a river which runs alongside the boundaries. On some cold mornings, mists shroud the place transforming the landscape to a mystical-like place. Steady gusts of wind throughout the day creates a symphony of leaves and branches rustling in the background while providing a soothing and relaxing relief to weary bodies and souls.

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