Highlights of my Primed Talk for 1000 people at Philippine Life Insurance Congress 2016

I had the best time talking about the Primed Lifestyle at the Philippine Life Insurance Congress 2016. 

Here were my highlights:

Beautiful Primed Judith is with me at every Primed seminar.

Judith is not only rocking it Primed but paying it forward big time. She is inspiring thousands worldwide to be healthier and happier like she is (and her family). This is from where true happiness comes.


It was one year ago today that Judith wrote the following just a short time after going Primed:

“So proud to share my “MY BEFORE & AFTER” photos!!! My priority goal for going PRIMED. I’m on my way to my desired BP.

Coming from Stage 2, working on reducing my DIA digits so I will no longer be Stage 1 Hypertensive. Soon!

Chad Davis, I’m so happy! 😄😃😀😊”

Here’s another before and after with the fabulous story of Judith here.

Judith before and after picture

Primed Supports Great People and Companies

I am proud of Hilda Clofe from Luntiang Republika Eco Farms for thriving with her Primed Lifestyle. Her organic jack fruit from the farm is shown below.


Hilda below is receiving a VP Award at ADB for which she credits her Primed Lifestyle in assisting with her to have more energy, better mental cognition and an improved mood. Oh, she also lost a lot of weight and other health issues too.


Other Great Companies that are Primed include

The Wholesome Table


Primed is about Friendship and Helping People

Emman, pictured below, is thriving with his Primed lifestyle. He loves eating more eggs! His buddy Red from Toastmasters Makati is also rocking it. I am passionate about helping all Filipinos (and people worldwide) to live better, longer lives.


Friends do not let friends eat toxic vegetable oil


Primed is not just about food

There is a lot more to the Primed Lifestyle than just food and drinks.

Once Primed I teach you how to be healthier and happier. The help lasts a life time and the return is PRICELESS.


If you wish to go Primed please contact me at chad.davis.1@gmail.com or 0929-421-2148.

Also at skype of primedforyourlife.

I can teach you and your staff how to make the most delicious and nutritious food.


You will learn that sunshine is energy and energy is life.


I am passionate about helping you, your family and/or company perform better.

You can all be more productive and happier.

Going to the gym and zumba might just be exacerbating company health issues just like bringing doughnuts to a health retreat.

I teach you information that helps you for life.


The Final Word

As a population we are getting sicker and sicker. We are making hospitals, drug companies, greedy “food stuff” companies and others rich as we lose our health and vitality. I have the answers. The proof is in the thousands of Primed clients worldwide.

No exercise, no drugs and no supplements. Just really good advise and guidance that lasts a lifetime.


Worth repeating:

No exercise, no drugs and no supplements. Just really good advise and guidance that lasts a lifetime.

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