Primed Companies Improve Productivity and Mental and Reduce Sick Leave. Fact.

The Primed Lifestyle reverses Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, Obesity, Women’s Reproductive Issues, Back Pain, low Energy, lack of Mental Clarity and so much more.

Primed reverses

The Primed Lifestyle allows you to do the following:

– Maintain constant blood sugar (and insulin) levels at an optimal range, as well as a consistently great mood.

– Decrease your inflammation, aches and pains, illnesses, potential for disease, stress levels and health issues.

– Increase your metabolism, digestive health, confidence, energy, mental clarity, brain power, skin quality, immune system (so you ca better fight disease), sleep quality and happiness.

– Oh, you also RECOVER FASTER due to the lack of inflammation in your body by eating quality saturated fats, proteins and vegetables.

Please avoid cheap and nasty processed grains, sugars, soy stuff and vegetable oil as they hinder your recovery (and longevity)!


Quite simply I explain why your health is less than optimal. Then I show you how to get healthier and happier. I monitor you and your families progress to ensure you become smarter and stronger.

Primed Companies include:

  • The Wholesome Table;
  • Sporting professionals;
  • Manila Broadcasting Company;
  • Mt. Labo Mining and Development Corp.;
  • NEH Philippines (Davao);
  • Philinsure (Manila, Cebu and Davao);
  • TaskUs (6,000 employees);
  • Getz Pharmaceutical;
  • Ancy Palma (5 employees);
  • Soleus running team;
  • Lucerne Group;
  • US Nurses;
  • St. Luke’s doctors;
  • ADB employees.

The Wholesome Table Owners Juan & Bianca Elizalde and Their Four Children and ALL Their Staff

It all starts with education. Once you know better you do better. Chef Trish reversed her asthma in 2 weeks. Many kilos have been lost but energy, confidence and an improved outlook gained.

Sporting Professionals

Sean Anthony was MVP for the PBA the first week he went Primed. He was top 10 for the entire league for 2016. Jenel Lausa won an MMA world title Primed and just won in the prestigious and lucrative UFC.

Once Primed you become optimally nourished in BRAIN & BODY for LIFE.

Nutrient vs Carbo Laoded

Manila Broadcasting Company

Benisa reversed her Hypertension in 2 weeks.

Jojo and his wife both reversed their acid reflux, asthma and hypertension in 2 weeks.

Mt. Labo Mining and Development Corp.

Mt. Labo Seminar1


Once you know the why I teach you the how to. Cooking lessons, how to shop, travel etc. I also teach your family and house help because Primed is about helping everyone. Jonnifer lost dysmenorrhea, headaches, bad skin and 6 kilos.

NEH Philippines (Davao)


In fact, 400 employees lost over 1500 kilos in 180 days. However, they gained energy, mental clarity and happiness. Their families too.

They are smarter and stronger and happier.

400 staff and their families have experienced amazing health results.

Jen will save over 1 million pesos in her life time.

Philinsure (Manila, Cebu and Davao)

Many fabulous health outcomes are still enjoyed and maintained even 2 years after going Primed. Knowledge is POWER.

TaskUs (6,000 employees)

Excellent results enjoyed by their staff. Life changing health consequences happened because their bosses really care.

Getz Pharmaceutical

Asthma reversed easily for employees and fabulous cholesterol results too.

Ancy Palma (5 employees)

Ancy lost 31 pounds in 2 months. Jeff lost 24 pounds. May lost asthma and is saving P3000 per month and is no longer sickly.


Soleus running team

Amazing results across the board. Even classmates in the US are now Primed and THRIVING.

Lucerne Group

Performing at a HIGHER level than ever before. 

US Nurses


Reversed type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dysmenorrhea and more. 30 pounds gone with no exercise.

St. Luke’s Doctors


ADB Employees




Uni of Sto. Tomas, La Salle and Ateneo


Mike with Chad Ateneo

Lito and his wife reversed Type 2 Diabetes and hypertension. My Mum too. Dr. Annabelle too. Many more worldwide as well.

Company health


Going to the gym is just as ridiculous for most employees.


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