Where is your Favorite Farmer’s Market?

My favorite thing to do whilst on holiday is to visit the local Farmer’s Market. Adelaide is famous for its Central Market, we loved the local Paris markets and those in Rome too.  You can make great picnic items from the produce available at these markets.

The wonderful smells, the vibrant colors and the unique characters you meet add to our holiday experience.

We also love supporting local businesses who put extra love into their produce.

At home in the Philippines I love the Farmer’s Market in Cubao. I love getting all things coconut there. I also love getting my free range eggs from there too.

Farmer's Market5

Santa Rosa Market Near Nuvali is another favorite where we buy lots of our fruit and vegetables for the week ahead after our Sunday biking.

Market Santa Rosa

Guadalupe Market near our home is also convenient as it is a nice 2km walk there but a difficult 2km walk home with 30 kilos of fruit and veg on my back and in my arms!

5 Hints on Market Shopping

1. Do not buy until you walk around the market first and get some sample prices.  

Then you can see who has some good produce and prices.

2. Check for the freshness of the produce well.

Look at the color, feel for firmess and even the smell of your produce so you ensure you get the best quality available.

3. Get to know your favorite suppliers.

Jason at Santa Rosa Market always looks after me and even throws a few green chillies my way every now and then. If you find a good supplier it is nice to develop a good relationship with them.

4. Try and find something interesting

We love looking for cool and interesting items and found some wonderful semi-dried tomatoes and olive oil in Roma.

5. Bring your own bags and shopping containers for ease of buying and carrying around

Market BYO bags

Legaspi Market – Every Sunday

We love the Legaspi Market and enjoy the wide variety of produce available there. We also love the healthy probiotic beverages available too.

Salcedo Market – Every Saturday

We often buy our greens from Salcedo Market if we arein the area,

dMarket Greens

The Final Word

To be able to fully maximize your weekly market shopping experience you need plenty of room in your fridge for the fresh, nutritious produce.  You will need to clear out the cans, jars and packet “foods” that take up space.  These “foods” are not optimal nutrition for your body and brain and take up too much space.

Market Eat Local

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