Chad’s Melbourne Ironman Tips

With our triathlon friends off to do Taiwan Ironman this coming April 12th I want to give some tips that will hopefully make their Ironman event more successful. Thanks so much to Miguel Feuermann and Sid Maderazo for their great inputs already.

1. Wear your bib at the front during your run for photos and so the crowd can shout out your name

The Melbourne supporters and volunteers were AMAZING. They are very knowledgeable with respect to all sporting events (they say Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia) and love to give encouragement.

The supporters look at your name on your bib and then say things like “You are doing great Chad, keep it up.” Or, “Great pace Chad, you’re going to be an Ironman.” It is really uplifting and spurs you on. You don’t want to stop and walk after they pump you up, so you keep running!

MIM2015 red carpet

The support of the crowd along the finisher’s red carpet was incredible. Sid Mazerazo said it gave him goosebumps and I also experienced that. It was worth all the pain for that amazing feeling.

So, make sure the supporters can read your name and that you can have your number seen for your photographs.

2. Nutrition is the key for me

I swam, biked and ran on a Primed Low Carb, High Fat (moderate protein) way of eating.

We stayed in an apartment with a big fridge and kitchen so we could prepare our own Primed LCHF meals.

We ensured our Primed LCHF food was highly nutritious and minimized our inflammation prior to, and after, the Ironman.

We dined at a great Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant called Sister of Soul where I greatly enjoyed my delicious Lasagne and Green Smoothie.

3. If you are in a cold climate wear your warm clothes for as long as possible and also stay in transition as long as possible before changing into your wet suit. And bring slippers!


It was a freezing cold morning before the start of the Ironman (for us Filipino’s anyway) so I was delighted I had my slightly fluffy Poco a Poco slippers on to keep my feet warm. Natasha was more than a little jealous that she forgot to bring hers!

David's Slippers

My buddy from Sante Barley, David Richmond, taught me to wear slippers before the start of your event.

Ensure you bring an extra jacket, beanie and other warm cloths in your after race bag as it is easy to get the chills after finishing your tough Ironman.


Miguel and I were toasty warm by the time Natasha finished her Ironman because we packed warm cloths in our morning drop-off bag.

God luck to all the future Ironman competitors this year. There is nothing better than getting one of these.

MIM medals

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