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Great Carbohydrates Tuesday: Green Vegetables with Onion, Garlic and Ginger

I am so very happy to have my first doctors going Primed. People young, old, athletes, non-athletes, male, female, rich and poor from all over the world are improving their lives by following the Primed Lifestyle.

Quality carbohydrates like the green vegetable recipe below gives your mind and body the essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids it needs to build your immune system to better fight disease and stay healthy.

This easy Primed Green Vegetable recipe is ideal to have in your fridge at all times. It is also fun to shop at your local farmer’s market or grocery.


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Chad’s Melbourne Ironman Tips

With our triathlon friends off to do Taiwan Ironman this coming April 12th I want to give some tips that will hopefully make their Ironman event more successful. Thanks so much to Miguel Feuermann and Sid Maderazo for their great inputs already.

1. Wear your bib at the front during your run for photos and so the crowd can shout out your name

The Melbourne supporters and volunteers were AMAZING. They are very knowledgeable with respect to all sporting events (they say Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia) and love to give encouragement.

The supporters look at your name on your bib and then say things like “You are doing great Chad, keep it up.” Or, “Great pace Chad, you’re going to be an Ironman.” It is really uplifting and spurs you on. You don’t want to stop and walk after they pump you up, so you keep running!

MIM2015 red carpet

The support of the crowd along the finisher’s red carpet was incredible. Sid Mazerazo said it gave him goosebumps and I also experienced that. It was worth all the pain for that amazing feeling.

So, make sure the supporters can read your name and that you can have your number seen for your photographs.

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