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What Have You Found Whilst Out Running?

I have found 5,000 pesos once whilst on my runs around the streets of Manila. I looked to see who it belonged to but there was no one in sight. Hence, it went in my pocket and I had a nice Primed lunch with my family.

Finding/Saving a 2 Year Old Filipina Girl

One night, at around 9pm, I was running home from work at Resorts World Manila along a dark Lawnton Avenue. I noticed a little lost 2 year old Filipina girl only a foot away from the busy road. This little one was alone, crying and but a step away from tragedy.

I am proud that I stopped and even though she could not understand English I found her home some 40 minutes later and 400 meters away in the labyrinth of the Army barracks.

Running allows you to help others in need and then gives you a sense of pride.

Bhong Cadelina1

I have also found a lot of friends such as Bhong whilst out running.

The Moral of the Stories:

Running is a great activity for your body, brain, heart etc. However, it is even better when you really take in all around you, pay attention to all the beautiful things you see, and help others where you can. You might even find something unexpected!

There is no health benefit better for you than to see the smile on the face of the person you just helped. That is priceless.

Please share your story of who you helped whilst out running or walking. I’d love to hear it. Cheers.

Some of the Benefits of Running


Other Benefits

Exercise rocks

Chad’s Melbourne Ironman: Swam, Biked & Ran on Fat

I just completed my 2nd Melbourne Ironman in a ketogenic state by consuming Primed low carbohydrate, high fat, moderate protein (LCHF) foods. This means I was burning my fat as fuel as opposed to glucose/sugar.

MIM 2015 fat vs sugar

By being able to use my fat stores I was able to access 40,000 plus calories for energy. A glucose burner is limited to around 2,000 or so before they must replenish. The sugar burner then uses energy for digesting the food and as some of my Filipino buddies realized this can also lead to very unpleasant stomach issues. There were a lot of people in the medics tent after the Ironman suffering from Gastro Intestinal Distress.

MIM medics

It is a myth that the body and brains preferred fuel source is glucose and can only run on glucose.

MIM 2015 gels
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Chad’s Melbourne Ironman Tips

With our triathlon friends off to do Taiwan Ironman this coming April 12th I want to give some tips that will hopefully make their Ironman event more successful. Thanks so much to Miguel Feuermann and Sid Maderazo for their great inputs already.

1. Wear your bib at the front during your run for photos and so the crowd can shout out your name

The Melbourne supporters and volunteers were AMAZING. They are very knowledgeable with respect to all sporting events (they say Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia) and love to give encouragement.

The supporters look at your name on your bib and then say things like “You are doing great Chad, keep it up.” Or, “Great pace Chad, you’re going to be an Ironman.” It is really uplifting and spurs you on. You don’t want to stop and walk after they pump you up, so you keep running!

MIM2015 red carpet

The support of the crowd along the finisher’s red carpet was incredible. Sid Mazerazo said it gave him goosebumps and I also experienced that. It was worth all the pain for that amazing feeling.

So, make sure the supporters can read your name and that you can have your number seen for your photographs.

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Some Great Triathlon Pointers from 2 Time Ironman Miguel

The 2015 Melbourne Ironman was an unforgettable experience for the participants and their cheering families and friends.

As your fellow triathlete brothers and sisters shared their Ironman Lessons from the Filipino Contingent to Malaysia Ironman 2014 the 2015 Melbourne Ironman finishers wanted to also help those doing Ironman events in Taiwan, Japan, America among other countries this year.

We will start with the inspiring story of Miguel Feuermann today, the funny and cool experience of Sidney Maderazo tomorrow and the other Ironman finisher’s who know that to “Share your knowledge…is a way to achieve immortality.” – Dalai Lama.

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