Great Carbohydrates Tuesday: Green Vegetables with Onion, Garlic and Ginger

I am so very happy to have my first doctors going Primed. People young, old, athletes, non-athletes, male, female, rich and poor from all over the world are improving their lives by following the Primed Lifestyle.

Quality carbohydrates like the green vegetable recipe below gives your mind and body the essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids it needs to build your immune system to better fight disease and stay healthy.

This easy Primed Green Vegetable recipe is ideal to have in your fridge at all times. It is also fun to shop at your local farmer’s market or grocery.


Market Greens

Assorted greens from your local farmer’s market or supermarket
Examples like spinach, kangkong, mustard greens, pechay, malunggay etc.
A lot of onion, garlic and ginger
Coconut oil
Salt and pepper

Onion and garlic and Ginger


1. Simply heat your coconut oil in a pan. Add your onions, garlic and then ginger.

Cabbage Carbonara6

2. Cook until soft and then add your washed green vegetables.

3. Voila. It is that easy.


1. You have a choice as to what fuel you put into your body. It matters a lot as cheap fuel today means extra maintenance costs tomorrow and reduced performance every day until it is ready for the scrap heap.

Cheap fuel

2. It is never too late to make positive changes in your life. Here are just some of the wonderful changes felt by one of my corporate clients.

Mt. Labo Seminar1

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