Great carbohydrates Monday – Primed Coconut Cream Cabbage with Mustard and Chili

Primed involves no cheap and nasty Carbs like Bread, Pasta, Noodles, Rice, Crackers etc. These cheap carbs are all less than optimal nutrition, cause large spikes in your blood sugar levels and also cause inflammation in your body due to the excess sugars they are metabolized as. This then affects your immune system.

The Primed Lifestyle involves eating more healthy fats and quality Carbohydrates. This week I will highlight 7 quality Carbohydrate Recipes that are far superior in nutrients to any of the cheap carbs mentioned above.

Eat more quality carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein and you will reduce inflammation in your body (less aches and pains), bring your blood sugars down to a healthy level and stabilize them (better moods), and build your immune system so as to fight, not feed, disease.

Eat real food with real flavors and experience unreal results. You will get more energy, mental clarity and ailments will disappear or be reduced.


1 or 2 cabbages
lots of onions, garlic and green and/or red chilis (optional)
coconut milk or quality full-fat cream (please never use chemically laden low-fat monstrosities)
salt and pepper
coconut oil
quality mustard like Dijon (without added sugars)
bacon or chicken thigh is optional as explained below

Cabbage Carbonara9


1. Cut your cabbage into long strips and steam (can boil till soft if you do not have a steamer).

2. Cut your onions, garlic and green and/or red chilis into small pieces.

3. After cooking off your onion, garlic and chili in coconut oil (please, never artery clogging Vegetable Oil) add your coconut milk. In the picture below I used Full-fat Cream and Mustard. I mainly use Coconut Milk.

Cabbage Carbonara18

4. Lastly, add your steamed cabbage then salt and pepper to taste.

Cabbage Carbonara20

5. Here you have a vibrant, delicious meal that you can eat on its own or add your protein to.


1. You can also add chicken thigh that you have fried in coconut oil. Pan-fried bacon would also be tasty inside. Remember to keep your bacon fat in a glass jar in the fridge to cook with later on.

Carbonara Cabbage

2. The rest of the week will highlight 6 other fabulously nutritious and delicious carbohydrates.

Mt Labo E and D Corp Cooking14

3. Cabbage rocks.


4. I think it should be in the top 10 super green foods.


5. What type of food are you eating? Good quality, nutrient dense foods I hope.


The Final Word


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