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10 Great Reasons to Visit The Wholesome Table

The Wholesome Table is my absolute favorite restaurant in the Philippines. 

TWT logo

Here’s 10 great reasons for you to celebrate life with your loved ones at The Wholesome Table.

1. The Wholesome Table is at BGCThere are 3 convenient locations all with excellent ambiance, service and food.

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch

2. The Wholesome Table also has a branch in Salcedo Village. It has the great food you have come to expect but also a rocking atmosphere. We love it.

The Wholesome Table5

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Primed Martin Ledesma Rocking Malandag, Sarangani

Amazing Primed transformation by Martin Ledesma. Proud of you mate.

“Hi Chad!

Below are bullet points of my Primed Lifestyle journey.
If I remember it correctly it was the 14th of April when you visited us at Malandag, Sarangani and introduced us to the Primed lifestyle. I weighed about 9.5kgs/21 lbs heavier back then.
NEH farmers
-The first two weeks were challenging as my body was just starting to get used very minimal carbohydrate and sugar intake. I felt tired most of the time and had little energy.
-As soon as I got to adjust with my new eating habits, I was able to totally get rid of sugar and bad carbos (bread, pasta & noodles) in my diet. I felt more energized and there was mental clarity.
Martin at beach
-I drink plenty of water daily

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Where is your Favorite Farmer’s Market?

My favorite thing to do whilst on holiday is to visit the local Farmer’s Market. Adelaide is famous for its Central Market, we loved the local Paris markets and those in Rome too.  You can make great picnic items from the produce available at these markets.

The wonderful smells, the vibrant colors and the unique characters you meet add to our holiday experience.

We also love supporting local businesses who put extra love into their produce.

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