Primed Martin Ledesma Rocking Malandag, Sarangani

Amazing Primed transformation by Martin Ledesma. Proud of you mate.

“Hi Chad!

Below are bullet points of my Primed Lifestyle journey.
If I remember it correctly it was the 14th of April when you visited us at Malandag, Sarangani and introduced us to the Primed lifestyle. I weighed about 9.5kgs/21 lbs heavier back then.
NEH farmers
-The first two weeks were challenging as my body was just starting to get used very minimal carbohydrate and sugar intake. I felt tired most of the time and had little energy.
-As soon as I got to adjust with my new eating habits, I was able to totally get rid of sugar and bad carbos (bread, pasta & noodles) in my diet. I felt more energized and there was mental clarity.
Martin at beach
-I drink plenty of water daily

-My breakfast usually consists of eggs, kamote (locally grown potatoes), boiled saba cardaba (local bananas), vegetables, fruits, and fish.
-Lunch and Dinner would be a combination of seafood, a lot of greens, beef, and sometimes pork.
-My colleagues at the farm, especially Jake Russel Cal (person wearing white printed tagaytay shirt in photo attached) helped me in achieving my health goals as he himself was very determined to improve his health.
Martin at farm
-Since I used to work as a farm supervisor, I exerted more effort in being extra active in work. I help in the loading of farm inputs such as fertilizers, which weigh up to 50kg/sack (There are times that we get to release more than 200 sacks in a day). I did more farm walks and evaluation in the 87 hectare plantation. This also helped me do a better job. 
-I do a lot of research and read up about the beauty of natural food and its benefits, and the importance of food nutrition.
– I am so very thankful for the insightful bosses like Jeroen at NEH Philippines to invest in you as our Wellness Coach.
-I  will soon be working for the Department of Agriculture. It will be part of my advocacy to focus on food security and nutrition security. I want to help in the development of my country and I believe that nutrition plays a vital role in all of this.
I cannot thank you enough Chad, for introducing me to the Primed Lifestyle! May God continue to bless you in what you do!
Best regards,
Martin Ledesma

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