Primed Jeroen is a Great Boss. Fact.

Primed Jeroen is a truly outstanding boss. I am very grateful to be associated with him, Paul and NEH Philippines.

Great bosses are rare these days so please appreciate what you have in working for NEH Philippines and being in a great city like Davao.

NEH featured image

Jeroen has also lost 2 kilos since going Primed. that is cool.

No more bread, pasta and cheapo noodles for Jeroen because they are fake “foods” which get sprayed with poison before being harvested. Yikes.

Wheat sucks4

Jeroen will rock his triathlons even better by not lugging extra weight around the swim, bike and run course. that’s cool. Jeroen will be powered by Primed Coconut Oil.

Jeroen Tri

Jeroen runs a real food company and eats real food. Cool.

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