Primed NEH Philippines is a High Performance Organization

Just 3 short weeks ago the Primed Lifestyle was introduced to the cool staff of NEH Philippines in Davao.


It started with the management team and then the staff in Davao.

NEH seminar1

Then the Primed message went to the banana farming areas of Santo Tomas and Sarangani.

NEH Santo Tomas

NEH farmers

I loved meeting the farmers.

NEH staff1

NEH Philippines is a High Performance Organization that supports farmers by eating an promoting real food.

When you eat real food you support farmers. When you eat fake food you are simply helping the CEO of a large fake food company into a bigger luxury car.


Eat vibrant Be vibrant

Success stories thus far include:

(1) Juress losing 4 kilos but gaining more self confidence.

NEH Juress2

(2) Driver Richard lost 6 kilos in just 21 days and will spend his additional energy learning how to cook.

NEH Richard

(3) Chen has lost 3 kilos and will soon get rid of her hypertensive meds.

NEH Chen fi

(4) Primed Paul lost his shirt!

(5) Primed Tom lost 2 kilos and will soon have abs.


(6) Junkee lost 3 kilos and loves Primed Kinilaw.

(7) Jeroen lost 2 kilos and will be an even faster triathlete now.

(8) Cook Devine made wonderful Primed Kimbap Wraps that were appreciated by the staff.

(9) There will be many more wonderful Primed success stories. Will you be one?

Dream big. You can do it. We will help you.


Just take the first step with more sunshine, eat real food and drink water.


Thanks for the great NEH Philippines company outing. It was a lot of fun.

NEH Samal


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