Primed Juress is 4 Kilos Down and Counting…..

Primed Juress rocks. An inspiration to her family, friends and colleagues alike.

Juress is rocking her new Primed Lifestyle and has lost 4 kilos already (in less than 3 weeks). Not through lots of exercise but by eating real food.


Juress never touches Toxic Veg Oil any more but uses Coconut Oil. That’s great.

Toxic veg oil2

Please, never use this stuff as it causes strokes and heart attacks.

Toxic veg oil

Juress is a real leader and leading the way at NEH Philippines with her stand up desk. Very Primed. Very, very groovy.


Oh, here is Juress pre-Primed when she used to sit more.

NEH Juress

She is even more pretty now and eats real food like eggs. Cool.

NEH Breakfast1

Juress works for a real food company that supports farmers and not fake food companies that dump poison into your processed GARBAGE.

NEH staff1

Buy packet carbage and you are hurting your own body and brain. Fact. You are also taking away income from farmers and supporting the companies that DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.


Keep up the inspiration Juress. Love your work. Especially your stand up desk. You, and your family, will be stronger, smarter and happier.

Jur family


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