Junkee and His Wife Love Primed Kinilaw. Me too.

Junkee has lost 3 kilos already and is loving his new Primed Lifestyle. He and his wife love Primed Kinilaw. Cool.

Vegetable Kinilaw

Please see Primed Kinilaw recipe here.

Vegetable Kinilaw Ingredients

It is not expensive, easily prepared and can last in your fridge as a salad for weeks. You can then add your fresh fish, jarred fish, avocado or boiled eggs as you wish.

I love mine with anchovies or tuyo.

NEH kinilaw1

Junkee has more confidence in his body and was able to wear a favorite shirt to the outing that did not fit just 3 weeks ago. That is very cool.

SubiT triathlon 21

Junkee has more energy now and will be more productive at work and at home. He will have more time to enjoy life’s joys.

NEH time

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