Cool Stuff to Buy at Your Local Korean Grocery Store

I love Korean food and seek out Korean stores where ever I travel. There are many excellent Korean shops in Makati, near our new home in Pasig/Ortigas and even in Davao when I visit the cool Primed staff of NEH Philippines.

Korean Shop18

My 2 favorite items to buy are Kimchi and Nori Sheets.

I also love other types of seaweed like Kelp.

Korean Primed Muffins - Seaweed

They make the fabulous Primed Kimbap Wraps.

NEH Philippines cook Devine and I made some for their staff which they loved.

You can also make Primed Korean Quiche with seaweed. Recipe here.

They are easy to make and so very delicious, nutritious and tasty.

Korean Primed Muffins - Method5

I used to buy Soju (Korean spirit made with sweet potato) but am avoiding it for the time being so as to avoid unnecessary sugar spiking alcoholic carbs). My darlings very occasionally get a Korean coffee with milk while I like the black coffee.

Korean Shop2

In November 2015 I bought some kimchi from Russel and gave him some Primed advise. I was so happy when I saw him 3 months later and he told me that he lost 5 kilos in that time and was feeling more energetic. Very cool.

Korean Shop_Rusell

Besides home-made kimchi they usually stock a nice assortment of fresh vegetables too.

The one item we always search for is 72% dark chocolate. These little balls are fantastic. What are your favorite Korean Primed items?

Korean Market17

Lastly, avoid their packet carbage that will make you sick then fat should you consume it. Stick with the Primed principles of just eating real food.

Korean Shop8

Have fun shopping at your local Korean mart.

Korean Shop6






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