Primed Malunggay Pesto – Cool recipe from Imelda

I love all things malunggay. It is a true super food that should be consumed by all Filipinos weekly (daily would be better).

Indeed, one cool way to get all Filipinos healthier would be to mandate that they eat malunggay daily (along with eggs) and get more sunshine on their skins (umbrellas only if it is raining).

A new Primed couple is Imelda and Alexander and their family:


In less than a week Imelda said: “Hi Chad, I lost 3 lbs so far, alex lost i think 5 (men and their metabolism!!! ugh ugh) I feel great. although I have to get more sun.”#primedimprovesyouroutlook#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain

Optimal Primed Protocols sunshine1

Alex and Imelda know now the secret to living a longer, better life. That’s cool for their whole family. That’s Primed.


Here is a great Primed Malunggay Pesto recipe from talented cook Imelda Lee Acidera.


Nuts of choice (mine is almonds)
Olive oil
Cheese (not pictured)

Put everything in a good food processor (good to invest in a powerful one), mine is 650w
– Pulse till blended (pour olive oil while pulsing to help it blend)
– Add cheese of choice (I had pecorino) and blend till it resembles a paste or your desired consistency (olive oil at your discretion)


Store and toss with almost anything.

From Chad: add to your omelette, to salads, on chicken etc.



  1. Malunggay rocks in beef burgers.


2. Also in Primed Green Smoothies.

Smoothie of Malunggay and Strawberries


3. I love it with my Primed Omelette.

Malunggay and tomato omelette

5. Super easy to dry it out and make nutritious, tasty tea.

6. I add turmeric to my malunggay tea but no longer honey.

Malunggay Tea with Turmeric and Honey

7. I’ve made pesto myself but I think Imelda’s might be better. You can vary the cheese and the nuts.

Pesto with Malunggay

8. Imelda is an excellent baker. Using coconut flour and not plain old poisoned “sugar” flour.


Once Primed you save money. You have more energy to DIY. From amazing Primed Imelda Lee Acidera: “Today I made almond milk. Used it for the banana pancakes. Used the left over (squeezed pulp of almond) and put it in also. – it actually tastes good too

Thought to make the pancake mix into muffins. — turned out great too.”

Best place to eat this great food is in the sun. #livelongerlivebetter��#sunshineisenergy #energyislife#brownskinrocks�����

9. The bottom line is that malunggay rocks and we should consume some daily. I do.

Malunggay benefits

10. Only to be used by those wanting to live longer, better lives like our grandparents did.

Malunggay tea is Primed1

Thank you Imelda for sharing your cool Primed recipe.

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