Wowie, wow & wowie! After just 1 week since our Primed seminar. Ancy lost 5 kilos already. Whole team is THRIVING.

“Hi Chad,
As promised, I gathered all feedback from the team re being primed since the Primed seminar last Friday November 11th.  Have a read.
Apo – No major difference yet in my body but I don’t get hungry that quickly. From Chad – this is critical and a huge change. Hunger is a bad sign. lack of hunger is a great sign. If you eat properly and at the right times why would you be hangry?
Anne – Feeling lighter and more active.  I am more awake at mornings and sleeping better.  Also, I can now wear my old pants. Yay!
From Chad – A better sleep means a better life. Sleep is crucial critical and very important. Haha.

Em – I feel better and lighter now since I got sick for a week before going Primed.  The sunlight, healthy foods and lots of water made a lot of difference.
Optimal Primed Protocols sunshine1
Jeff – I lost 2 kilos and I feel more energized.
Ancy – I have a lot of energy and I don’t feel cold easily.  My sleeping habit has improved a lot and my body tells me its time to take a rest in the evening.  I don’t snack anymore and I eat more and more seafood.  Yesterday’s lunch was a lot of prawns and green veggies at a nice Chinese Restaurant in Binondo.  I cannot eat rice anymore, even bread and everything with flour and whats good is I don’t miss them! Haha! I can also go on fasting now. 
Yesterday, my last meal was at 2pm and because I ate a lot of seafood and green vegetables, I didn’t eat dinner anymore but had seaweed snack with almonds at around 6pm.  Then I only ate again this morning at 930am.
I loved the sun and every opportunity I get to be under the sun, I did!
I also loved walking, so yesterday, I walked from Lucky Chinatown Mall to Escolta – not too far but that was 12nn and the sun was really up.  After lunch, I walked back again to Lucky Chinatown Mall and didnt feel tired at all but I was perspiring and I feel great.  

I’m happy to say I’ve lost 5 kilos.

From Chad – Wow.

It has been one week since our Primed seminar. What are you waiting for?


Just do it! Primed IS the future for those wishing to be healthier and happier. FACT.


It is time to eat to live.

No more living to eat.

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