Being Hangry is a Bad, Bad Sign

Hunger means the following:

H – Have not eaten enough quality nutrients despite “loading” myself with “food”

U – Undernourished despite being overfed

N – Nutrient deprivation affects your bodies ability to repair itself = poor immunity

G – Grumpy person always searching for more food due to being HANGRY!

E – Energy deprived due to lack of quality energy from your food and constant digestion

R – Really not maximizing your potential in life due to poor food choices. Really not mindful due to always being hungry. Really supporting companies and institutions that do not care if you are sick and/or prefer you to be sick.

  • Carol Sandra Smith

    “Chad!!! The most magical thing happened to me today… I had the egg/tomato and sardines breakfast at 7am… And i haven’t eaten since. Just a cup of tea… i’m not even hungry and its 4pm already.”



    “It would have had breakfast, a snack, lunch and another snack maybe after lunch by now on the stuff i used to eat before.”

    Chad Davis

    “I am not one to say I told you so but I told you so. haha. Your body needs a digestion break. Your food should satiate and satisfy you. If it makes you hungry it is wrong.”


    Carol Sandra Smith

    “I’m so amazed. I will see how much longer i can push this without eating.

    Still a huge improvement from what i was doing last week.”

    (Fasting is OK only if you are properly nourished first. Never try and fast if you are eating cheapo carbos like bread, pasta and noodles as these foods are nutrient deficient and will make your problems worse – from Chad).

    Chad Davis

    “I told you buddy. Hunger is a bad sign. A truly starving person should be hungry but a normal person only gets so hungry if there is not enough true nutrition in the food they eat. Imagine the effect on a smaller body like your son where every mouthful is even more important than an adult?”

    Overfed and undernourished14

    Carol Sandra Smith

    “I think this being primed is finally the change ive been looking for. I’m taking before and after picks.”

    Chad Davis

    “Cool, wait till you add more of the sun. Forget the wine.”

    neh-jeroen-rise-of-the-pinoyNEH staff1


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