Primed Seminars Improve Lives – At Nationwide Integrative Medicine Clinic on Wednesday October 19th at 5:30pm

One Talk Can make a HUGE Difference

From newly Primed Gracia

“Dear Chad, A good weekend to you!
A few weeks back, you gave a wonderful 20 minute talk as a guest speaker for Toastmasters.  Little did I know that your shared experience and knowledge would change my lifestyle to a healthy life and path.”


“After the second week, I began to notice the feeling of energetic lightness as a whole in body movements. Now, about a month after..I truly believe that what you imparted to us was a gift of long life and key to healthy living and lifestyle choices.”

From Chad – “Thanks for sharing Gracia.”

Inline image 1

Primed Absolutely REVERSES the Following Conditions

Cool Primed clients include top docs, US based Pinoy nurses, The Wholesome Table staff, pro athletes like Sean Anthony, NEH Philippines in Davao and people from all walks of life WORLDWIDE. 🙂 

Primed reverses

The Final Word

Your plate is important but it is not the MOST important. FACT.

Want to learn how to live optimally for yourself and your family?

Many secrets will be told (not all of course as they are reserved for cool Primed clients). Want to be a cool Primed client then please text me a 0929-421-2148 or email at


Photos of Some Cool Primed Clients:


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