Delicious Primed Green Curried Cabbage with Tuna for Breakfast.

Here are some other ideas for breakfast besides eggs. You could add chicken, good quality bacon or your other favorite items to this dish. Broccoli would be nice too.



Cabbage head

Lots of chopped onion and garlic (I added some tomatoes to this dish)

Primed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut milk or cream (see here how you can make your own)

Himalayan salt and pepper

Thai green curry paste

Century tuna in water (never with TOXIC vegetable oil)

Serr John food7


  1. Simply saute onion and garlic in Primed VCO. Add Thai green curry paste then Himalayan salt (or sea salt) and pepper. Add coconut milk and stir. Then add your shredded cabbage.

Serr John food8

2. Once your cabbage is nicely cooked (a little softer but not soggy) then you can add your favorite fish (I used canned Century tuna in water).

Serr John food9

3. Done. You could add extra leafy greens, tomatoes and other Primed ingredients.

Serr John11


I made this dish for our heavy breakfast whilst on holiday in Boracay. Because we were so satisfied we did not need lunch and just an early dinner.

Boracay happy

Hence, with only 2 meals a day  we had more time for fun in the sun.

Boracay happy1


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