One Primed Talk Can Improve many Lives – Chad’s Toastmaster Experience

From Chad Dear Primed Elian, Thanks for inviting me to talk at Executive Toastmasters Makati. One 20 minute talk (with Q & A) can change lives. Cheers my friend.”
Elian and Ines have been my friends for many, many years and it is a source of great pride that they (and Paloma) are THRIVING Primed.
From newly Primed Gracia
“Dear Chad,
A good weekend to you!
A few weeks back, you gave a wonderful 20 minute talk as a guest speaker for Toastmasters.  Little did I know that your shared experience and knowledge would change my lifestyle to a healthy life and path.
My favorite food choices on the menu would often be meat, rice, pasta and sugar treats. Most of all years of hiding from direct sunlight.
Your inspiring talk made me want to try your suggestions for a week. Seafood intake together with eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables without the starch carbohydrate combination of rice or pasta that turns into sugar.

Felt weak and dizzy in the beginning. After the second week, I began to notice the feeling of energetic lightness as a whole in body movements.

Now, about a month after..I truly believe that what you imparted to us was a gift of long life and key to healthy living and lifestyle choices.

Coming from a family with a history of diabetes.. I am sure that applying the basic principles of the Chad Davis lifestyle will be of great help to me and my 17-year old daughter. Sharing with my friends too.
Forever grateful!!
Thank you.
Best regards.

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My reply to Grace:


“Dear Grace,

Wow, you beauty.
Great news. Thank you for sharing as it means a lot.
You will live longer and better.
See how you feel after just a month and imagine 1 year from now.
It is magic to have more energy and mental clarity.
So powerful for your daughter too.
Primed reverses

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