Primed Egg Stack of Wilted Greens, Buttered Mushrooms and Olive Tapenade

We loved our Roma holiday and I found it easy to stay Primed. By planning ahead and having accommodation with a kitchen it allowed us to prepare our own Primed food.

We did a lot of walking around Roma and always ensured we had a satiating, nutritious breakfast before we head out.

Here’s an example.


– assorted greens

– butter

– mushrooms

– eggs (preferably free-range)

– sea salt and pepper




  • Saute mushrooms in butter(always cool to add garlic and onions when available)


  • Add mixed greens after the mushrooms have been sauteed for a few minutes
  • Add some pepper and sea salt to taste (turmeric rocks too and is something we bring with us on holiday)
  • Fry an egg with additional butter in your pan
  • Place your fried egg on top of your greens and mushroom mix


  • Add some quality store bought olive tapenade and/or capsicum spread (always read your ingredients to ensure never any sugar or toxic veg oil)



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